March 2017 Collection

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March 2017 Collection

We round up some amazing wedding photos in our monthly collection, we have over 30 photos in our March collection.

27+ Stunning Wedding Photos

Well done to all and look out for our email when submissions open for next month.
Stunning Wedding Photos from March

Time for Champers

Photo by Barney Walters Photography – Karen & Joe’s Summer wedding in Lake Como, Italy, is definitely a treat for the eyes! This photo was taken during their beachfront reception at the Lido di Lenno. With this gorgeous backdrop to hand it was a fantastic time and opportunity to open some bubbles (in style), make some everlasting memories and to get the evening started!

POP… Let the party begin, Saluti!

Stunning Wedding Photos from March

The Veil

Photo by Andrew Billington Photography – Wedding days are packed full of little moments and I think if you can capture those moments of quiet or anticipation or ritual you’ll tell a very personal story of the wedding day.

A bride getting ready in her old childhood home and putting her veil on over the watchful eye of her mother gives you that sense of history and ritual that makes a lovely wedding photograph.

Stunning Wedding Photos from March

Brittany and Ben

Photo by Mary Sandoval Photographer – Brittany and Ben right after their outdoor ceremony in Northern Virginia enjoying a beautiful sunset.

Stunning Wedding Photos from March

Alex & Laura rustic farm wedding

Photo by OXIPHOTOGRAPHY – Laura and Alex in Somerset Fernhill farm . Most rustic , beautiful wedding full of emotions and love .

Stunning Wedding Photos from March

Take a walk with me

Photo by Lee Searle Photography – Taken at a Wedding at the Scarlet Hotel. An empty beach and a happy couple. What more could you ask for as a photographer.

Stunning Wedding Photos from March

On the Dancefloor

Photo by Nick Brightman Photography – The reception at Alice & Brad’s wedding was one big party in the house and garden of her parents house in Bridgnorth, Shropshire

No formal sit down meal for these two, it was food on the go and partaaay!!!

People were dancing all night on the intimate dancefloor they’d created inside a tent in the garden and they’d had the requisite first dance, but this was an hour or two later

As everyone danced around them they only had eyes for each other

Stunning Wedding Photos from March


Photo by Francesco Carboni – Post wedding of an Italian-Chinese couple in Rome, photo taken at 8 am in front of the showroom in Valentino. I like the image geometry and colors.

Stunning Wedding Photos from March

face to face

Photo by Francesco Carboni – my classic shooting …. I like to see expressions of the couple just outside the site of the ceremony, when he accompanies her in the car for souvenir photos.

Stunning Wedding Photos from March

Stepping Stones

Photo by Hollie Nicole Photography – I photographed this wedding in the middle of the summer holidays, it is the popular stepping stones at Dovedale. The Bride and Groom had just got married and we thought we could not miss getting a shot on the iconic stones.
I ended up editing out people in the background and a few dogs that were running around. people were kind enough to let my couple have the stepping stones to themselves for one shot and gave an applause when they got safely to the other end.

Stunning Wedding Photos from March

Sunset on Richmond Hill

Photo by Randolph Wilcox Phototgraphy – Amy and Daryl were sitting down to eat with their guests when I thought I’d see what the sunset was like from the terrace on Richmond Hill. It was so beautiful that I ran back inside the hotel and asked if they would mind coming out for some more photos with the spectacular sunset. Amy and Daryl excitedly agreed and we captured some wonderful shots, including this one.

Stunning Wedding Photos from March

The big reveal

Photo by Pete Henderson Photography – This was the moment that Becci first came downstair in her wedding dress to see her family and bridesmaids. I love the look on her face as she turns the corner to see their faces.

Stunning Wedding Photos from March

Freedom doesn’t mean lonely

Photo by Szymon Nykiel LMFOTO – It was last 10 minutes during engagement session with Luke & Monica. I saw beautiful clouds and I told them: “Go there, catch your hands and run ahead”! I didn’t supposed that in this moment in my frame appears 2 birds.

Stunning Wedding Photos from March

Great grandfather

Photo by Szymon Nykiel LMFOTO – The ceremony was almost finished. The couple hugh themeselves, but I saw, that more important things are on the 2nd plan – there was very emotional great grandfather which start crying.

Stunning Wedding Photos from March

Here comes the bride

Photo by Adam Riley – Taken at Heaton House Farm in Cheshire. Ben’s best man provides a good luck hand on his shoulder as the Emma makes her way down the aisle.

Stunning Wedding Photos from March


Photo by Aggelou Photography – BRIDE,DUBAI
Wedding in Dubai , pictures taken on a boat during sunset time , with natural light , the special texture of the dress with the light of the sun make give to the pictures a warm feeling.


Stunning Wedding Photos from March

Australia the cow

Photo by Story of Love Wedding Photography by Natalie Martin – After their marriage in the local church they wanted to have some photos taken at their family farm in Broughton in the Scottish Borders. Australia the cow is their favourite cow!! She was a poser.

Stunning Wedding Photos from March

The Beach

Photo by Rob Dodsworth Photography – A beach wedding in the UK is a bit of a risk but Cat and Alex threw caution to the wind – the result? A destination wedding on home soil! Cat & Alex married on Scolt Head Island, an offshore barrier island in north Norfolk. The blue of the sky against the sand dunes and the flow of Cat’s dress made this image one of my 2016 favourites.

Stunning Wedding Photos from March


Photo by inimmagine studio / Roberto Schiumerini – During a beautiful summer evening, i took this picture with the intention of leaving the bride and groom the memory of the sunset which we had witnessed.

Stunning Wedding Photos from March

City chic

Photo by Rebecca Parsons Photography – Sophie and her military groom Kyle married at the truly stylish On the 7th in Media City. We snuck away into the rain for this fabulous shot on the bridge.

Stunning Wedding Photos from March

Karina & Craig

Photo by Mick Cookson – Karina & Craig were married at Capesthorne Hall in Cheshire. Taken just as the registrar pronounced them Husband & Wife, the couple could not contain their emotions any longer, and I captured this shot, which I simply love.

Stunning Wedding Photos from March

Silhouette Party

Photo by SB Images – Shayne Bampton – in the late fall the sun was hard at 2pm and i wanted to avoid bridal party shots outside with no open shade available. wandering around the venue before the wedding i noticed this balcony area overlooking a huge staircase and facing up into the blue sky with lights surrounding it at the bottom of the landing.

Stunning Wedding Photos from March

Bridal Flare

Photo by Rich Morris Photography – This image was taken of Annabel whilst having her bridal hair done the morning of her wedding day. I love the effect of the flash bouncing through the hairspray.

It was taken in her local salon near Cardiff, Annabel & Seb celebrated the rest of their special day at Miskin Manor

Stunning Wedding Photos from March

Passion dance

Photo by Magia Obrazu – This day we saw one of the most romantic, passionate and beautiful first dance ever! Love was in the air and magic in their eyes!

Stunning Wedding Photos from March

What a reaction?!

Photo by James Richard Photography – I love this moment between Bekky and her bridesmaids. They were all so blown away the first time they saw Bekky in her dress and you can tell by their reaction! These unscripted, natural moments are the best!

Stunning Wedding Photos from March


Photo by Mr and Mrs W / Mark Williamson – My brother and his wife were getting married abroad, but they needed to have a registry office wedding before they flew out. So they chose the centre of Manchester with a few close family members present. After the ceremony, I took them for a quick whistle stop tour of Albert Square, where an Octoberfest beer festival was taking place. Obviously, the natural thing to do was to take them right into the centre of the festival and get all involved to toast them. It always helps when your audience has been consuming strong German beer all afternoon!

Stunning Wedding Photos from March

Golden light at Fulham Palace

Photo by Jacob and Pauline Photography – We shot this photo at Fulham Palace last summer and got this amazing golden light. The sun was low so we got an amazing chance to get these beautiful lens flares.

Stunning Wedding Photos from March

in a mediterranean forest

Photo by Alexa Poppe Wedding Photography – Madeleine and Dan were married at The Edenproject in Cornwall. It was a drizzly October’s day, but the reception was in a mediterranean biome, which has some beautiful spots for photos.

Stunning Wedding Photos from March

G&L above the sea

Photo by Alexa Poppe Wedding Photography – I love shooting weddings at Polhawnfort in Cornwall. It has stunning grounds and a secluded beach for lots of photo opportunities. The giant tree in the grounds is a perfect frame as it opens up the views over the south cornish coast and when the sailing boat appeared I knew I had the shot!

Stunning Wedding Photos from March

Golden wedding sunset

Photo by Matt Penberthy – Towards the end of a brilliant wedding I was photographing up in Northumberland, the sun started to dip & I saw an opportunity to capture some shots with the bride & groom as the sunset, we took a walked down to the best vantage point. It was the prefect moment as they were just lost in each other, fantastic couple! I hope you like it

Stunning Wedding Photos from March

True Blue

Photo by Luca Vieri – France, Nice, Promenade des Anglais. Summer 2016

Stunning Wedding Photos from March


Photo by Martin Dabek Photography – It was the last picture of the night at stunning Stanbrook Abbey in Worcestershire. I went really low with my camera and use OFC behind the couple.

Stunning Wedding Photos from March

Polhawn beach kiss

Photo by Michael Marker Photography – I loved the moody sky and the peaceful and secluded setting of the beach at Polhawn Fort was perfect for capturing this tender moment.

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