Laura and Martin’s Harrogate Wedding

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Laura and Martin’s Harrogate Wedding

Today we feature this lovely small urban wedding that showed the love of a young couple and the beauty of a Yorkshire spa town. The day was captured by Yorkshire Wedding Photographer Mark3Knowles Photography.

The Couple
Laura and Martin first got in touch in the summer outlining what kind of wedding they were having and told me what they wanted in terms of photos. The wedding was in 2 months time. After arranging to meet up with them and having a chat I knew I had to shoot their wedding day. It was a wedding that would be totally different to any I had ever shot before. Urban, intimate and relaxed. Words that were repeated time and time again throughout all the chats we had. We came up with a plan so that on the day we could do things differently.

The Day
Like I said we did things differently. We met Laura outside a city centre apartment that her and Martin had rented for a few days. We then walked to Valley Gardens in Harrogate. Shortly after we got there Martin appeared from behind a tree where they greeted each other. This was the 1st time they had seen each other in full wedding attire. Her dress was vintage in style and his suit was smart, a very trendy looking couple indeed. We did some couple shots taking in the sites of Harrogate then leaving them to have a few moments alone while we made our way to the registry office (which was more of a walk than google maps made it look). A pastel coloured room in the registry office was where the ceremony took place viewed by around 30 of their closet friends and family. Then off to the rooftop room of the Yorkshire hotel which gave amazing views of Harrogate town centre and the surrounding countryside. Not before having more photos around cobbled streets of Harrogate and outside the world famous Betty’s tea rooms.

The Photographer
Those 3 little words that kept cropping up I think tell you about me and my style. Urban (my 1st cd was Will Smith’s gettin’ jiggy wit it). Intimate (I am not a fan of large groups). Relaxed (currently writing this wearing pyjama pants). I like to stand back and watch a wedding unfold. A photographers job to is capture what happens not dictate it. Couples invite you to share in their wedding day so chat to guests and make everyone feel comfortable. You can’t plan for the best man to have the rings wrapped up in a handkerchief but just be there for when it happens………it did.

The Summary
Getting to know Laura and Martin over a coffee I could see they were crazy about each other. Travelling the world together since meeting at university had not seem to put a stress on their relationship just help build on it. They took everything in their stride which reflected on the wedding day. Everything was hand picked by them from the sweets that each guest had at their table to the songs and poems they had. All within 2 months as well…………efficient, I like that.

What I took from the day is that a wedding and a relationship can be what you want it to be. Make is personal to you and the people you share it with.

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