June 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

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June 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Each month we round up and feature a great collection of wedding photos submitted by top photographers from the UK and around the world. So without further a do, here are over 30 stunning photos from June, well done to all featured!

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award

The Mystery of the Castle

Photo by DS Visuals – This picture was taken in La Badia, Orvieto, (http://www.labadiahotel.it/index.php/en.html) an ancient abbey in the green Umbrian countryside.
The wedding couple was on the couch waiting for the reception to start, I asked to the groom to hide behind the curtains.

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award

Paris Elopement

Photo by Roma Elizabeth Photography – This shot was taken in Paris over looking the eiffel tower as the bride was getting ready.

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award

The ground

Photo by Ben Kelmer – it was taken in the south of israel during the couple photos before the wedding

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award

Tossing the Bouquet

Photo by Aaron Storry Photography – This beautiful image was taken on the second day of Kajal & Mayur’s wedding celebrations. Although the picture looks entirely staged it isn’t! I had a few seconds to find this vantage point, get down low and shoot the bouquet in mid flight. One of Kajal’s bridesmaids was lucky enough to catch the flowers and the team of girls erupted in cheers of laugher and applause.

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award

Andy & Alice ~ Sunset, smokey kiss

Photo by Craig Goode ~ Mr & Mrs {boutique wedding photography} – Andy & Alice’s wedding at Alnwick Treehouse in Northumberland, UK on June 3rd with an extra little beach shoot in Alnmouth beach the day after. Andy & Alice are both a big part of the Mr & Mrs team, Andy films a lot of our wedding films and Alice has been 2nd shooter at some great weddings with us.

This was taken as the sun was setting, and we set smoke grenades off.

What a beautiful wedding this was, full of beautiful flowers & details, great music playing all day both from the playlist Andy & Alice had put together and with the great Glass Caves who Andy has directed lots of music videos for playing a great set with Andy even jumping on the drums at one point, creating another band out of guests (talented ones most of who are professional musicians) and finishing on backing vocals for the final song.

I think it’s safe to say everyone had an amazing time, especially Andy & Alice who couldn’t have looked happier or more in love all day!

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award

When it rains looks for reflection!

Photo by Jo Sweeney Photography – Heavy rainfall made the golf club flood but when the rain cleared it left a perfect reflective puddle to photograph with!

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award

After the Rain

Photo by Photography By Tarik – It didn’t just rain for Selim and Gul, it poured. But that didn’t stop us once the skies cleared. We carefully navigated around puddles to this beautiful spot in the gardens of Hylands Park in Essex. Selim did a fantastic job to make sure the dress was kept up well away from the ground and we made it back with the dress perfectly in tact and a very happy bride and groom ready to party the night away.

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award

The 400 yr old photo opportunity

Photo by David Glover – This images was taken at a beautiful little church in Alconbury in Cambridgeshire. On arrival the vicar let us know of the window up near the bells we could shoot from if we wished. It was at the top of a very narrow sprial staircase, but what a view.. It was almost like the church was built knowing that in 400 years it wuld be the perfect place to capture wedding photos.

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award

Laura & Andy – A Simple Portrait

Photo by Tony Hart Photo – My work is about two things. Observational documentary photography and simple, honest portraiture filled with heart. For those in doubt, this is the latter! Laura & Andy were married at Bury Court Barn nr. Farnham and have to be some of the most relaxed and laid back clients I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

I want my images – particularly portraits – to reflect the couples personalities and I love this image because it does just that. These guys are hilarious and very silly but also incredibly affectionate. Andy is a comedian, and Laura might as well be. They only stop laughing and taking the piss out of each other occasionally and that’s to show how much they’re in love. It might sound cheesy but in reality it’s undeniably lovely!

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award

Finishing touches

Photo by John Hope Photography – Jess married Chris in April at her family home. This is her getting fitted into her (stunning) dress shortly before heading to the ceremony. Sometimes the nerves can be a bit overwhelming at this point in the day so it was great to see Jess and her girls so relaxed and excited.

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award

Hetty and Luke

Photo by Howling Basset – Hetty and Luke had their wedding a couple of weeks ago in Whitstable at the East Quay wedding venue. Here they are in the self-drive camper they hired to get them from the Church to the venue; it was also to be their honeymoon night!

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award

First dance Nerves

Photo by Light & Lace Photography – I love this shot of Victoria & Adam taken at the beautiful West Mill Venue in Derby. It was a candid moment of the two of them just before they made there way on to the dance floor for their first dance. Victoria was nervous about their dance routine and Adam was teasing her/giving her some last minute reassurance

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award


Photo by Davide Bartolai – I take this photo in a weddding in Feltre (Italy).
The white tent and the chandelier light allowed me to catch this moment between the two couples. I like depersonalization and black and white suggestion. The couple become icons of love.

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award

True Love

Photo by Danielle Smith Photography – Rebecca and Tom at Cooling Castle Barn in Rochford. I just love capturing those emotions on such a special day. Gorgeous couple, gorgeous venue!

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award


Photo by A Tall Long Legged Bird – Ella & Joseph’s engagement shoot, beautiful summers evening in Somerset. This is my definition of happiness. Sun, nature, love and a canine.

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award


Photo by Matt Selby photography – Saw this photo opportunity and used a shallow DOF for a nice candle lit bokeh in the foreground whist using the 2 windows for framing the silhouettes.

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award

Castle under the stars

Photo by Muratet Photographie / Matthieu Muratet – Kate and Tarran came from England to get married in a beautiful castle in Auvergne, France. I wanted to show the beauty of this place. This photo was taken just after the first dance.

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award


Photo by Muratet Photographie / Matthieu Muratet – Couple session with the bride and the groom under an incredible dome in a castle in France

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award

The end of the day

Photo by Carl Glancey Photography – What a day this wedding was. I was hoping to get my lovely couple out at the end of the night as wanted to make use of those outside lights. Had to shoot quickly and lit with a single speed light with a grid attached.

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award

Sunshine Embrace

Photo by Lee Searle Photography – This shot was taken at Mike and Esther’s Wedding in Cornwall. This shot was taken with the bride unaware, taking a brief moment to herself.

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award

Love at sunset

Photo by Luigi Rota Fotorotastudio – Love at sunset , beautiful light at sunset, warm colors.

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award

Walking in the light

Photo by Luigi Rota Fotorotastudio – Walking in the light, The sweet atmosphere of light coming from a window.

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award

Evening in Hong Kong

Photo by Khiria – photographer – The wedding day on Saturday was so rush and busy, that we decided to do their couple shooting evening the day after- on Sunday. We went to commercial Cuasewaybay in a heart of Hong Kong Island and use the bulbs as a source of light.

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award

Romantic drive in the countryside

Photo by John Steel Photography – Sometimes I get these daft ideas. “Why don’t we go for a drive” (I didn’t realise that a Austin Healey is a 2 seater car) I like a challenge. So, somehow I climbed into the back of a 2 seater car (I’m 6 feet 2) and managed to somehow kneel and shoot at the same time. I love pictures that are a little different.

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award

Hidden place

Photo by Magia Obrazu – During our wedding session with this lovely Couple we’ve found little hidden cave – that kind of light helped us highlight the unique place and love in Newlyweds’ eyes.

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award

You and me, beside the sea.

Photo by Amy Sampson Photography – When I met Andy and Emily, they had one dream on their wedding day – and that was to be able to take a walk on the beach. Having travelled many hours down to Devon after falling in love with the beautiful Tunnels Beach, I kept everything crossed that their April wedding would allow them to meet their wish. Lady luck was on their side and this was their first step onto the sand as man and wife.

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award

Gentle Light

Photo by Fiona Walsh Photography – Doorways are a great place to frame a couple, add a flash behind them and a chandelier in front and you’re good! I love the gentleness of this one. It’s so subtle.

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award

You and me between the lights…!

Photo by Massimiliano Magliacca – Nabis Photographers – Giulia e Carlo in the beautiful venue of Villa Piccolomini a few Km from the majestic San Peter’s dome.

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award

In the trees’ frame

Photo by Massimiliano Magliacca – Nabis Photographers – Alessia e Damiano was walking through a path close to the villa.

At at certain point I told them to stop when I saw them framed into the trees with a suggestive light in the background .

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award

fairytale woodland

Photo by Alexa Poppe Wedding Photography – Sonia and Thomas had their wedding reception at the beautiful manor house venue Rockbeare in Devon. It offers acres of beautiful countryside for photos. We had already done our couple portraits by then, but the beautiful evening light was too tempting to go out again for another couple of photos. This one is my favourite, the light was magical and resulted in this fairytale-esque shot.

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award

Caroline & Adam

Photo by Mick Cookson Photography – This was taken outside 30 James Street Hotel in Liverpool, on the main road behind the Liver Building. The couple were up for the shot and to be honest it did take a few attempts before our local taximan duly obliged us with his black cab. Well worth the effort I think.

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award

Bride & Groom Reflection

Photo by Paul Gapper Photographer – One of the Bride & Groom’s Guests was wearing dark sun glasses and I thought this would be a great opportunity to photograph a reflection of the newly wed couple in his lens. It was a lovely park in Putney and we managed to get some really good pictures. Thank you to Mahlet & Matthew.

Well done to all photographers featured this month, look out for our email over the next few weeks with details on when and how to submit your photos for the July collection.

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