James & Tash’s Wedding Day

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James & Tash’s Wedding Day

We feature the beautiful wedding of James and Tash, their perfect wedding day was captured by Neopan Photography.

Do tell us about the couple

The couple are both doctors, one of whom, James, attended photography course of mine, which is how I got the booking in the first place. He liked my work. I met them both in Waterloo and we discussed their plans. I knew, even as we were chatting, that we would all get along, they were so chilled and relaxed about everything and clearly very much in love.

Please tell us a little bit about the day and how it went.

The wedding, like most weddings, was misjudged in terms of timings. This is normal. And this is a major issue for everybody, photographers and clients alike, when discussing plans. As a photographer, you simply have to expect that you will have half the time to achieve what is expected of you. Having said that, the day went quite smoothly. There was a stunning abbey ruins right next door to the lovely venue and I had exactly ten minutes in there before the catering started showing real impatience. It should have been an hour. But thats the way it goes. I’m used to it. The couple helped enormously with this, showing no impatience and real appreciation. The venue was lovely, with the cake lording it over its own flower strewn gazebo. Overall, they day was distinguished by a genuine sort of humour (lots of doctors) and an obvious love between family members and the couple in particular.

A Quote from the Couple

“I met Jason at the photography course he was running and found him to be not only a great teacher but very easy to get on with. His photos on the website are fantastic and my (now) wife and I thought his style was really what we wanted for our wedding.

It was very hassle free arranging the day with Jason. He was organised and communicated extremely well with us and our guests. He is so passionate about his work and we knew the photos would be great even before we saw them.

We now have the finished photos and are so delighted with them. He has captured moments that defined the magic of our day. They are stylish and have a bit of “the street art” about them which is Jason’s style and what we really like about him.

So many of our friends have enjoyed the photos and we would recommend him without question!

James and Tash”

Do tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Jason and I have been shooting for 25 years, predominantly street. Street is a style of photography which I work into as many other areas of my photography as I possibly can, including weddings. I teach all levels and areas of photography, including street, wedding and studio lighting. I have a degree in photography and I have exhibited my portrait photography in The National Portrait Gallery. I love shooting weddings as they provide a perfect vehicle for my very candid style of photography. I have shot over 300 weddings and many more events both in the UK and abroad, including India.


What advice would you give to couples planning their wedding day?

My advice to couples is to A: take the photography seriously. The photographs are the only tangible evidence which will remain after the day is over, apart from the memories in your head. So choose your photographer very, very carefully, which can be challenging if one has never done that before. Always meet your photographer before the event. See if you get along, thats very important. And of course, and above all, focus on the photography. It’s all about the photography.

B: Assume – correctly – that everything will cost, and more importantly, take double the amount of time that you expect. Keep group pictures to an absolute minimum. Plan the hours which you are paying for very carefully and consult an experienced photographer, hopefully yours, to discuss how everything will play out.

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