Interview: Terry Li Wedding Photography

Behind the Camera // Published by Sam, Editor - March 11, 2014

This week we chat with London based Wedding Photographer Terry Li in our interview series, where we find out more about the people behind the camera on your special day,


Hi Terry, firstly please tell our readers more about you, your business and give us three words that others would use to describe you.
I am a reportage and documentary Wedding Photographer. I am from Hong Kong and am based in Docklands, London. People say I am friendly, easy to approach and a great listener.


How did you work your way up to the first wedding and secured further bookings?
I was actively looking for insights into the industry and worked as a second shooter with a number of experienced wedding photographers. This was a great opportunity to build up a portfolio. Eventually, I secured my first booking through a referral from a photographer I worked with.


Could you describe your workflow and tell us which software you use to retouch and/or edit your images?
I try to eliminate all distractions in order to get at least 10 hours straight. Everything begins with the import of images into Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. After re-calibrating my screen, the editing process begins. The photos are individually edited via cropping, straightening, exposure and colour temperature adjustments, followed by toning to emphasise the mood. Images requiring further skin retouching or removal of distracting elements from the background are processed in Photoshop. Once I am happy with the result, I export the images in high resolution, upload them to an online album and burn to a DVD. Naturally, all files are backed up twice – better to be safe than sorry!


Could you describe how and when you use flash, reflectors and natural light during a wedding/portrait session?
Ambient light is always great source, but I would also use a flash when it’s necessary to prevent the subject from being underexposed or when I am aiming for a high key image. However, a reflector is definitely one of my favorite pieces of equipment – you can use it as shelter to avoid direct sun light, to avoid harsh shadows, use as something for the couple to sit on or lay on it if the ground is dirty, and of course, reflecting the natural light! I also have a small video light when that extra bit of light is needed.


How about your presentation of finished images?
I use a fine art photo album that is 100% hand-made in the UK. I am amazed by how much effort, level of detail and attention is dedicated to each album. Considering that we are now living in a digital age that separates us somewhat from the physical world, a hand-made photo album is a fine conduit to the real world. It is simply stunning and worth investing in.


And finally, what do you want to achieve in this year?
I would like to continue working weddings, engagements and portraits. Perhaps, given the opportunity, to extend my work to other areas, such as maternity, newborn or children photography. I very much enjoy photographing people and would love to see the business grow in other directions in the future!

You can find out more about Terry and get in touch with her via her profile page here.

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