Interview: Seh Nabi Photography

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Interview: Seh Nabi Photography

Today we go across the pond to North Carolina and chat with US wedding photographer Natasha of Seh Nabi Photography.

So firstly how long have  you been photographing weddings for and how did you get into in?
I shot my first wedding in 2000, when I was 18 years old. It was such a nerve racking experience, I didn’t shoot another wedding until 10 years later. About two years ago, a soon-to-be bride walked into the store I was working, and we just started a general conversation. We talked about photography and I mentioned that I was a photographer. We arranged to meet elsewhere to discuss and enter into a contract for me to photograph her wedding. I have been shooting weddings ever since.

Interview: Seh Nabi Photography

What do you particularly like about photographing weddings?
Each wedding is unique. My favorite part of photographing a wedding is capturing those precious moments such as a glance between dad and bride just before he presents his daughter to the groom, or mom helping her daughter put on her grandmother’s pearls. With so much happening on that day, these little moments can be missed. I like to make sure I photographically map those unique moments in time.

Interview: Seh Nabi Photography

How would you describe your style and approach?
My style? I’d say my style is pretty natural. Even when staging for portraits, I don’t like my bride and groom to look strained or as if they had to smile on command. I don’t like to do a lot of editing to the wedding photos either. I know most think that everyone in the world should be airbrushed to the max. I don’t.

Interview: Seh Nabi Photography

What advice would you give to couples looking for a wedding photographer?
I would tell couples to make sure they read the photographer’s contracts and ask questions before making a decision. Photographer contracts are not tricky, but this is a way to make sure you understand what you are getting. Of course, prior to entering into any contract, the bride and groom should seek input from the photographer about ways to maximize the photo-documentation experience. The discussion should include, among other things, venue (primary and secondary, including alternates), color schemes, lighting, and event priority. Including the wedding planner or day-of coordinator in the discussions might prove helpful.

Interview: Seh Nabi Photography

What tips would you share with couples  to help their day go more smoothly?
BREATHE!!! It’s your day. Trust your wedding planner, day-of coordinator, family and friends, and your photographer to make your day a memorable one. Photographs are only as good as the moments they capture.

Interview: Seh Nabi Photography

Finally …. whats the best moment you’ve had as a wedding photographer?
I don’t have a particular moment that stands out any more than others. Each wedding is beautiful and unique. I always get a little nervous when showing the married couple their photos. It feels like I am on edge wondering if they like them, if they think I captured their day just as they hoped. So I guess my best moment is when I get that happy phone call letting me know just how much they love their photos, and how they can’t believe I caught all the moments-some they didn’t even know were happening.

Thanks to Natasha for chatting with us,check out her profile on Your Perfect Wedding Photographer here.

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  1. Carmen

    She is such a thorough and caring photographer. The thought shows in all of the pictures. Natasha does such a lovely job. I can’t wait to book a session with her.


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