Interview: Fred Henaux Wedding Photography

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Interview: Fred Henaux Wedding Photography

In our latest interview feature we chat with wedding photographer Fred Henaux who is based in West Sussex.

How long have you been photographing weddings for and how did you get into it?

I have been doing wedding photography for over 10 years now. I first got into photography when I was 8 years old. I managed to get my hands on my dad’s Canon A1! Ever since then I’ve been fascinated in the art of photography which back then was 35mm film! 35mm film enabled me to get the raw elements required to produce an image.


What do you particularly like about photographing weddings?

I love weddings as these are always filled with positive emotions and feel blessed when capturing a couples wedding day. In my mind there is nothing more rewarding then witnessing two people get married and tell their story through my photographs

What is your favourite part of the day?

I haven’t really got a favorite part as I like every part of a wedding but if I had to choose one, it would be the moment when the bride & groom first see each other.

Interview: Fred Henaux Wedding Photography

How would you describe your style and approach?

I try and be as versatile as possible as every couples wishes often differ from one couple to the next so being able to adapt and deliver the style of photography my couples want is paramount. One element that I am renowned for is being very discrete, I try and be as stealthy as possible as I often think that capturing the natural expressions cannot be posed.

Interview: Fred Henaux Wedding Photography

Who, or what inspires you?

I have to say my family, as they are always there and all supporting each other no matter what they do. There is no greater inspiration in my mind then watching your children grow up.

What advice would you give to couples looking for a wedding photographer?

I always think the most important element about choosing the right photographer is to ensure you get on with them and to feel comfortable with them. Worst thing you could do is hire a photographer who is straight laced and regimental as this won’t do too much for your nerves.


What tips would you share with couples to help their day go more smoothly?

Really to try and relax and enjoy your wedding. If you’re relaxed, you’ll see everything will just flow. After all, the day is yours so enjoy it :o)

If there was one place in the world you would love to capture a wedding where would it be and why?

I think it would have to be the Eden Project! A beautiful location and a venue that’s all about preservation and beauty. This would probably be my ideal place.

Interview: Fred Henaux Wedding Photography

Finally… What’s the best moment you’ve had as a wedding photographer?

There are so many…. One wedding that does stand out for me thou was a small wedding that was held at village hall, nothing special, no church wedding, no great scenery, but what was really special was the amount of emotions going on!

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