How to Deal With the None Responding Wedding Photographer

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How to Deal With the None Responding Wedding Photographer

With so many parts to a wedding there are many things to manage and also many questions crop up along the way with all the different suppliers. Unfortunately from time to time you may have someone that just doesn’t respond, and that sadly can happen with wedding photographers too.

What to do about unresponsive photographer?

Before diving into this there are a few things to look at and consider, as well as different situations too.

When Hiring

If you are looking for a wedding photographer and have shortlisted a few, the next step is to get in touch with them and dropping them an email. Many photographers will get back in touch with you within 24-48 hours depending when you send your message, remember they could be at a wedding all day till late and therefore won’t get back to you until the next day.

But what if they don’t? If they don’t get back to you there is of course that chance your message has gone into spam, now most photographers will keep an eye on their spam folder because of this very instance, however if you really want to hear from them and they haven’t got back to you then perhaps try giving them a quick call to let them know you have sent over a message. This could be an honest mistake and that they just haven’t seen your message.

If you have messaged and called but just not hearing anything back, then you may want to think about ruling them out. They may shoot the best wedding photos in the world, but if you don’t have confidence in them getting back to you or feel like you will have to keep chasing them then it maybe more hassle than it is worth causing stress and anxiety the closer you get to your big day.

Wedding Photographer not Returning Emails

So you have hired a wedding photographer and as the big day gets closer and closer you find your wedding photographer has become less responsive or just isn’t getting back to you.

Any professional wedding photographer should get back to you with a few days, even if it is just a email to let you know you have got it, but they are away and will get back to you next week for example. But after 1-2 weeks and no response, then alarm bells should be ringing.

Now, again there is a chance of it going into spam, however as I am sure you have had some email exchanges before then this is less likely to be the issue. So from email it is best to try and give them a call, leave a voicemail asking them to get back to you before a certain time or day. By setting a timescale it will force them to take action and make a note that they should get back to you.

If you have not heard anything back via phone or email then double check their website, ensure it is still active, look at their social media accounts and see when the last updates and posts were made. If they are active on Facebook then drop a message via their page, they will be notified next time they login.

Obviously if this is before the wedding then they contractually should be attending on your day to provide the services you hired them for, however if you are not hearing anything back then you may have become frustrated and have started to lose confidence in them. The worst case is they don’t turn up on the day.

If it has got to a point where you are frustrated to a point of concern then you should first look to an alternative photographer to see if they are available on your day, creating a plan B if you decide that you don’t wish to carry on with your original wedding photographer.

You should send a letter via post and email to your photographer letting them know of your concerns and the terms of the contract you have both signed. If you have made full payments to the photographer and they don’t turn up on the day then you can take them to court.

Steps to take:

  • Message again from a different email address
  • Try calling them
  • Look at their social media profiles and see if there have been any recent posts, also message them there too.
  • If still no return then send them a letter
  • Look at a Plan B, contact other photographers to see if they are available on your date.

My photographer won’t give me my pictures

If you have had your special day and patiently waiting for your photos, then don’t expect them the next day, it can take a few weeks before you get them all once edited. Check out our article –¬†How long does it take to get your Wedding Photos back?

If you have been waiting quite a number of weeks and the photographer said they would be ready by them, then first ask for an update, they could just be busy.

Now if you don’t hear anything back then re-read your contract, looks to see if there is anything about how long till you get your photos. Again see if they are still active, posting on social media or taking new bookings? You need to find out why you haven’t had your photos back, is it because of ¬†personal issue, or that something has happened to the photos.

Again, if no response is had then legal action is the final route to take, a legal letter from a lawyer may provoke a response and also the fact the negative reviews and feedback that could be left. As much as you wish to leave negative reviews it would be advisable to wait until your case is settled and an outcome is made.

It is out of personal and business interest for the photographer to offer you an explanation, a reason or understanding for the delay and a guide as to when you will receive. This is just good business practice and good customer service. However that being said if no response is made then legal action may be the only route, however no promises can be made with this, and of course it is an additional cost that no one should have to go through.

If you wedding photographer isn’t getting back to you and you need a photographer at short notice, then use our request a quote form and we can help to find you find someone at late notice.

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  1. Louise

    We’ve always believed that the experience you have with a wedding photographer is as important as the photos themselves.

    The best photographs in the world can still be tainted by a bad experience. You don’t tend to forget how someone has made you feel though, so it’s important that you find a photographer who makes you feel valued and important.


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