A Colourful Indian Wedding in New Delhi

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A Colourful Indian Wedding in New Delhi

We feature a lovely warm Indian Wedding in New Delhi captured by Doctib Photo, a wedding photographer based in Antibes, France.

I’ve always been planning to go to India. So being able to cover a wedding there was a dream. From ceremonies to ceremonies their is so much moment happening. People are having fun, enjoy being together and live those traditional moments. It was smile and lovely people everywhere. A huge pleasure to photograph all those moments.

All started with the presentation, close family meeting at the pool side. Traditional ceremonies started with the Mehandi (Mehndi) ceremony (bride and close family), for hours the bride had her hand, forearms and feet drawn with henna. It’s incredible how precise and creative can be told the story of her wedding. Then we had a crazy Bollywood night with famous Indian singer and presenter. People where still dancing at 3AM.

Another amazing moment was the Haldi ceremony with turmeric powder. Everyone from the close family come and purify the bride and groom (each one on his side) with powder. It became crazy and the groom had juice, milk and other liquid spread on him. Finally a thousand of flowers were thrown. It has been one of my favorite moment of the wedding, being able to get candid and very closed pictures.

One other powerful moment was the Baraat ceremony. Hundred of people following the groom going to the bride’s place, sound, noise, drummers, dancing people. His friends have been dancing for 2 hours in front of the car so as him not to get married (and by 2 hours I really mean 2 hours). Pheras was the last ceremony, couple and bride parents sited around the fire, it is the most important ritual of Hindu weddings, and represents the legal part of Hindu marriage.

Each day had a different decoration and places, hundred of people were working to build from scratch the decoration, set in place flowers and lights. Simple room were transformed in magic places. Yes, India and Indian weddings are incredible, it has been a huge week, flying from Europe, covering the weeding, sleeping few hours. But I can’t wait to fly back to india and live another magic wedding!

I was part of a Indian and French team and it was great creating together those memories for the couple.
Thank you so much S&A for letting us be the storytellers of your gorgeous wedding.

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