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Real Wedding // Published by Sam, Editor - September 16, 2015

I’m really excited to share this lovely fun day captured by Tim Simpson Photography, Chris & Gemma are an awesome couple who are just so laid back and meant for each other. Their close bond is infectious and their day was a joy to photograph!

We began photographing their day at The Midland Hotel where Gemma was getting ready. The views of Manchester from the hotel were just fab. Then we all walked over to Manchester Town Hall where we photographed a very lovely and intimate ceremony and did a sneaky couples shoot inside. It’s so grand in there, both the decor of the building and its architecture are just beautiful and perfect for a quirky Manchester wedding! On our way from the Ceremony to the evening venue at Great John Street Hotel we did some more Couple’s portraits taking full advantage of being in the heart of the city, we found some awesome backdrops and just really went with the flow here. This is how we work best and spontaneous images are usually the best ones (in our professional opinion!).

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We loved the intimacy of this wedding and also how everyone was in such good spirits, despite the rainy Manchester weather. The reception later on was filled with great food and a lot of laughter and some fantastic dancing with a great soundtrack including music by Elbow, Paul Weller, David Bowie and many more awesome Indie heroes. We also did a fab Photo Booth for them which was so much fun, the guests got stuck right in!

Our style is very relaxed and reportage, we like to capture moments in a really natural way as they unfold and we like to make our couples’ portraits as natural as possible by making the couple feel really at ease and encouraging as much natural interaction as possible – often we will find a great spot and then ask them to just simply have a chat, or pull faces at each other etc… and this usually does the trick! We try not to get too ‘involved’ and we act more like a guest which helps us get those candid shots. We much prefer them to the ‘stand-in-a-line fake smile’ kind of photos. We take inspiration for our images from Contemporary fashion magazines and blogs, from films, music imagery and all over the place really. The only place we don’t take our inspiration from is other people’s wedding photography! We try to be as original as possible with what we do which is why we love spontaneity so much. I guess we should call it ‘guided’ spontaneity as we do often use little tricks to get certain reactions out of our subjects as previously mentions- we’re not just photographers you see, we’re psychologists too 😉 They don’t teach you that at photography school!

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  1. Congratulations on putting on a beautiful wedding despite the weather! I have huge respect for couples who smile and get on with it whatever happens!

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