Bohemian Wedding

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Bohemian Wedding

Today we feature a gorgeous elegant Bohemian Wedding captured by Sara Lobla. We just fell in love with this when we saw it and are so very excited to share this.

It was a day full of magic right from the beginning and a beautiful story. Since I got to this beautiful place I fell in love with him and people there. A mix of cultures and love, and something very natural, full of little details. It could not have been any more perfect.

The day was very special to the couple, as they were already parents and also soon return to Spain to live.

What I liked most about the day was how natural and emerging it was, and the attention to detail in every little thing. That for me it was sweet madness.

I am a defender of eternal love. No concivo life without him and why I like both portray the emotions of people. Because I believe that in every act of life must go love.

I have no style and something we always say girlfriends, who have weddings of all types, vintage, cocks …. MY STYLE IS PORTRAY EMOTIONS, how are dressed indiependientemente boyfriends or whether they

From the moment I arrived in Gerona, my love for her grew. That smell, those colors, fog hugging those beautiful trees. I knew this wedding was going to be special to me. And so it was. The site was intimate, a typical farmhouse in Gerona, embraced large professional as cataring on March 21, and the couple stole my heart.

Artists by nature full of inner and outer beauty … think anything could do better because for me it was perfect.

What I liked most of the day, was the ease with which came up everything. It was like the typical food you make at home with the family and the sound of laughter embuelve all…



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