Best Wedding Photos from 2017

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Best Wedding Photos from 2017

Over 2017 we did our monthly collections where wedding photographers submitted their photos in the hundreds and we picked out anything from 20-30 photos each month.

Our favourite photos of 2017

Well this month we have picked out our favourite photos from 2017 for our ultimate collection! January 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

First Dance through the candles

Photo by Jacob and Pauline Photography & Film – I shot this photo at a winter wedding through a table set up candles inside of a glass decoration. I was waiting for the right moment almost until the very end of the song. As soon as the couple got into the perfect position I clicked the shutter, and this magic happened.

January 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Is there something on my nose?

Photo by emma-Jane Photography – Joy and Dominic were not allowed pets at their venue, so as a surprise for Dominic, Joy arranged to have their dog broth over for some quick snaps and enjoy the day. We took a few attempts to get the rings on his nose and one where he wanted to take a quick taste! A well timed snap!

February 2017 Wedding Photo award Collection


Photo by Rellini art studio / Maurizio Rellini – James & Giulia on their destination wedding to Italy. This photo was taken after the civil ceremony at Rosciano Castle near Perugia while they were enjoying an old car ride near Assisi village.

February 2017 Wedding Photo award Collection

Stairway to the stars

Photo by Rob Sanderson Photography – The spiral staircase inside Manchester Town Hall is magnificent. So, I decided to be bold and make the staircase fill the frame. I chose an angle that played with perspective making it like an MC Escher ‘impossible constructions’ graphic painting. The lovely light quality and mix of colours really added to the drama of the image.

Here comes the Bride

Here comes the Bride

Photo by Andreu Doz Photography – This Bride had a very very long dress and the only way to show it in the photo was to climb up to the balcony at the church and photograph her from there. Risky move, but I think it worked out well in the end!

Trash into the blue sea

Trash into the blue

Photo by sv photograph samuel virginie – Trash the dress session is always special and unfortable. This day we were with Christine and Jeff and it was already the rainy season. Before two showers, we ask them to enjoy the still turquoise lagoon, and colors were even more vibrant with heavy clouds looks like snow in Tahiti on the background.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

The First Dance

Photo by Aaron Storry Photography – Grendon Lakes is probably my favourite wedding venue, ever! There’s hundreds of little secret spots to shoot, and each time I go back I find more amazing locations. Just before Sam & Scott performed their first dance in-front of their guests I invited them out for a practice run. I got so lucky with the framing, usually there’s a steady flow of cards from this spot but today the planets aligned and we got a few minutes of quiet time.. The gorgeous light finished off the picture.

November Wedding Photo Awards

The two kisses

Photo by Ketch 22 photography – The light was fading fast at a wedding I was covering at Dorfold Hall in Cheshire. I spotted the aircraft traces in the sky in the shape of a kiss. Hence I thought it was a great opportunity to get a silhouette of the bride and groom against the dark blue evening summer sky.

November Wedding Photo Awards

The museum

Photo by Albert Palmer Photography – Taken in the city Museum in St Louis Mo. – a fun portrait taken in a dark tunnel filled with mirrors. One of my favourites from the year.

Stunning Wedding Photos from March

Face to face

Photo by Francesco Carboni – my classic shooting …. I like to see expressions of the couple just outside the site of the ceremony, when he accompanies her in the car for souvenir photos.

Stunning Wedding Photos from March

Australia the cow

Photo by Story of Love Wedding Photography by Natalie Martin – After their marriage in the local church they wanted to have some photos taken at their family farm in Broughton in the Scottish Borders. Australia the cow is their favourite cow!! She was a poser.

April 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

The veil

Photo by Nabis Photographers/ Chiara Ridolfi – I was in santa Marinella, inside the suggestive Odescalchi’s castle. The bride was almost ready for the ceremony. She was very nervous and excited at the same time and I saw a particular strong tension in her eyes.

April 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Sparkler Tunnels

Photo by Barney Walters Photography – This is Holly & Andy (and many arms of friends and family)! They held their wedding celebrations at a farm in Cornwall, which they both call home. After a beautiful day passed with lots of laughs, tears and the occasional pony ride for the children! The fun continues into the evening and we get to here, such a personal and special moment for them both, lit up by a guided tunnel of their truly loved ones.

Who doesn’t love a good Sparkler Tunnel!

May 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Bride praying

Photo by Johnny Garcia Fotografo – Here, the reverent bride kneels in prayer as almost divine light streams down through a stained glass window. Photograph taken in Candelario, Salamanca, Spain.

May 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

SS Great Britain

Photo by Martin Dabek Photography – SS Great Britain is one of the most unique wedding venues in the UK. I always take couples to dry dock for some evening portraits.

May 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Pew Peeper

Photo by Andrew Billington Photography – Kids at weddings are great. I’m always keeping one eye on what children are doing throughout the day – especially when they are expected to be paying attention to the most important part of the wedding day!

May 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

The Bride at the windows

Photo by Luigi Rota – In a beautiful villa, the bride at the window, the natural light that comes from the window
A small, simple and elegant gesture.

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award


Photo by A Tall Long Legged Bird – Ella & Joseph’s engagement shoot, beautiful summers evening in Somerset. This is my definition of happiness. Sun, nature, love and a canine.

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award

Love at sunset

Photo by Luigi Rota Fotorotastudio – Love at sunset , beautiful light at sunset, warm colors.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Sunset Veil Action

Photo by Duncan McCall Photography – We were lucky enough to have a lovely sunset for Carly and Kerrins wedding at Matfen Hall in Northumberland at the end of September. We were walking over to shoot at a picturesque bridge and seen the opportunity for an epic veil silhouette shot, love the results.

June 2017 Wedding Photo Award

Caroline & Adam

Photo by Mick Cookson Photography – This was taken outside 30 James Street Hotel in Liverpool, on the main road behind the Liver Building. The couple were up for the shot and to be honest it did take a few attempts before our local taximan duly obliged us with his black cab. Well worth the effort I think.

July 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Speak now or forever hold your peace

Photo by Karl Baker photography – Charlotte & Rich were married on a farm in the sleepy Welsh coastal village of Pendine. The wedding was a gorgeous, very relaxed and laid back day done to a festival theme. Just after an amazing first dance in the field and as the day drew to a close Charlotte and Rich headed out onto the cliffs nearby to spend some time alone and I grabbed this photo of them.

August 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Cloudy mountains

Photo by Magia Obrazu – We have planned this session long time before. We faced very cloudy and rainy weather, which is not a dreamy one in high mountains, but with such an amazing couple like Ania & Lukasz it was a pleasure to photograph them even in the middle of clouds.

Among the clouds

Photo by Kevin Belson Photography – Emily and Andrew walking in the clouds above Wellington Barn in Wiltshire.

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Warm Summer Days

Photo by Fiona Walsh Photography – I’ve been in love with these trees for some time now, always visualising how I’d love to shoot it. Then I got the chance and couldn’t have asked for more. Trees are incredible, sunsets are incredible, and most of all two people who dedicate their lives to one another.

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

September skies

Photo by Luisa Raimondi – Elena and Marco got married in a sunny day of September, in the afternoon. It’s not always possibile to have the perfect light, when it’s time for couple posed shooting, during a wedding day; this time …I did it!

Katrina and Dave

Photo by Eneka Stewart – Just as we were heading back to the venue from the field, the sky lit up with the most amazing red hot colours. We turned around and walked up to the filed again for a few more portraits. Katrina & Dave were absolute superstars and happy to cease the moment.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Perfect Sunset

Photo by Voyteck Photography / Wojtek Chrapek – It was the most spectacular sunset ever. My brides looked absolutely beautiful and those boys jumping of the rock made the photo pretty epic.

A moment of calm

A moment of calm

Photo by Cat Lane Weddings – This will always be one of my favourites – a moment of calm on their wedding day as Tabitha & Paul took a moment to take it all in as they arrive at their reception. Realising their vision for their wedding day was a real labour of love and it was lovely to watch them see it all come to life in that moment.

2016 best wedding photos

Moonlit Sky

Photo by Henaux Photography – This photo was taken at the Langston Hotel in Hayling Island West Sussex. My couple was Tricia & Cathy which are a lovely couple, wanted to create this surreal moonlit scene specially for them.

2016 best wedding photos

Sarah + Steve + Liverpool

Photo by James Tracey Photography – Sarah and Steve were married in their home city of Liverpool at St Georges Hall. After their ceremony I wanted to capture an image that showed off the city alongside the couple and a huge puddle outside St Georges Hall allowed me to do that perfectly.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Sunrise in Rome

Photo by Massimiliano Magliacca – Nabis Photographers – I was in the amazing Gianicolo with this Polish-Italian couple at sunrise.
The sun has just araisen and I began to photograph in a marvelous scenery.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Raise your glass

Photo by Andreu Doz Photography – We were very lucky to photograph the wedding of M&D in Menorca. It was a very small wedding in a very nice hotel. We felt like family among the guests. The decoration was perfect and behind the bride and groom there was a curtain of lights. I realise that with a very wide aperture these lights would blur and the bokeh effect would be amazing. I waited for the perfect moment and when they did the toast one of the guests rose her glass and that was the moment I was waiting for. I snapped and this photo is the result!!


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