Arturas & Jekaterina Wedding in Vilnius, Lithuania

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Arturas & Jekaterina Wedding in Vilnius, Lithuania

Today we feature the elegant and beautiful wedding of Arturas & Jekaterina in Vilnius, Lithuania. The day was captured by wedding photographer Jurgita Lukos.

The Couple
Arturas and Jekaterina. Groom calm, bride is quite expressive. Very fun, laid-back, easy-going and loving couple. They met at the friends’ weddings and from that day they are always together. They love long walks with their dog, watch movies, discovering new places to eat delicious food and go shopping until they get tired. They love to travel. Their first trip was to Palanga beautiful resort town near Baltic sea in Lithuania. In Tenerife Arturas proposed. They just returned from honeymoon in Cuba. They love to travel for sure.

The Day
Couple married in Vilnius, Lithuania in mid August, when the weather in Lithuania is most beautiful. The ceremony took place at town hall.

After the ceremony, we took a drive through the city with retro 1958 Oldsmobile car. For the photo shoot we visited Barbakanas Bastion. Just a couple of meters away there’s an amazing view of the Old Town and the Užupis district, and great views of the city. We took a stroll in Užupis too. It’s a neighborhood in Vilnius old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The district has been popular with artists for some time, due to it’s bohemian atmosphere. Reception was in Jazz Hotel, which is located on the shore of the lake. Celebration continued through all weekend.

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The photographer and style:
My name is Jurgita. I started to photograph weddings in beautiful state of Colorado in the United States. Almost two years ago with the family decided to return home to Lithuania. During our eight years of life in the United States we travel as much as we could. So, as you already guessed I love to travel and I cannot wait to start to explore the Europe!

I love outdoor weddings, details, love to capture candid moments. Through the photos I’m telling their story. I’m a documentary photographer.

What I loved abut this day:
I loved the couple. Beautiful capital Vilnius. The day was so relaxed, cheerful and laid-back. It wasn’t a wedding weighed down with details, but it was all about the people. The couple, the family, the guests had a great time. It’s all about that have a great time.

You can find out more about Jurgita Lukos and get in touch with her about your upcoming wedding day via her website at Jurgita Lukos.


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