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Blow your socks off wedding photos!

I’m Hana, I’m a photographer and teacher in my work life. I love puns and sushi and gin, and if all three combine it’s a real treat. I’m quite sharp, often sarcastic and I just LOVE making people laugh.

I tend to blend in and get chatting to everyone at weddings and events. I find it allows me to get involved while I’m busy snapping away, and I guess if they tell me secrets about you (their friends) then I can use it to make us all laugh. Great photos come out of this stuff. I might end up taking the piss a bit at points, but it’s genuine banter and I’m a pro at taking it back.

When I’m photographing, I tend to be pretty up for anything – if a shot requires lying on the floor or climbing 9ft up a tree then I’m all for it. I’m fully insured and I have more clothes at home/in the car… getting the right shots and having a total hoot while I do it is totally important to me. There’s nothing worse than getting home and thinking “but would I have looked excellent in a tree??” – of course I would.

If you’re looking for photography which seamlessly fits into your day, then I can do that for you! It’ll not feel like you’ve been dragged about for amazing photos, but rather that you’ve had an incredible day with your friends and family and then I’ll crack out all the best bits for you the very next day (editing takes ages, you might as well have a “best of” to keep you nibbling).
Ooh nibbling. Yes, go and have a cup of tea and a biscuit* and send me an email.

*gin and tonic also works

Message Hana Laurie for a quote and price for the day and to check their availability.

How would you describe your style?

I love to immerse myself in your wedding day and become comfortable and natural with you and your guests - your wedding day will fly by and it's so important that your wedding photography reflects the atmosphere of your day.
Group shots and couple photos are really important, but I tend not to spend too much time on these as it takes you away from the congratulations and toasting!

Mostly I'm going to be in on the action like an SAS soldier or a ninja or something else you don't see/is intrusive without anyone noticing. Got a banging tune on the dancefloor? I'll be in the middle, the photos look amazing and it's fun. Someone's having a weepy while you're saying your vows? I'll get 'em. I'm always watching. Aaaaaalways watching.

What do you love about weddings?

Oh they're such a rollercoaster! I get really invested and I'm always looking at your friends and family as well as at you - you won't know that your hardnut brother actually cried, but I will and I'm gonna catch it! I get a real choke on when a ceremony is emotional, but then I'm also game for a laugh and I find that it can be SO MUCH FUN in the speeches, dancefloor and by the bar. That's where the real magic happens, when you and your mates really get going :D

Advice for couples planning their wedding?

Oh man, you HAVE to like them. They're going to be at your WEDDING. There's probably already people you've haaaad to invite, so get a photographer you like. Skype them, make them meet you for a glass of wine/gin/tea.
You really get better photos when you're relaxed and you're having a giggle - not possible if your photographer is a bit of a tosser ;)

Your Travel policy?

Happy to travel if it fits within the budget and calendar commitments.

Beautiful photos with an extra special gift

Hana photographed our very small lockdown wedding. Our plans changed frequently in the middle of a pandemic and being governed by rules and restrictions made it quite challenging. Hana delivered the most special, bespoke service for us and made our day even more special. She captured every special moment, every funny moment and engaged with our guests like she knew them all personally resulting in natural relaxed photos that we will treasure for ever. To top it all off, when we returned from honeymoon Hana had prepared a beautiful and thoughtful keepsake. We received a precious box containing mementos from our day, selection of smaller photographs, gorgeous fridge magnets and a usb with all of our photos stored on it. The whole experience from beginning to end was fabulous and I have already recommended her to friends and colleagues and will continue to do so. She brings something extra special to your day as well as lots of colour.

Angie Duff
Married in August 2020
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Pets at Weddings

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