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Weddings are awesome. I bloody love them. I love that these days, you can break away from tradition and just have a damn good party that reflects the people you are, the relationship you have and the people you want to celebrate it with. I cannot think of anything I’d rather do over being a wedding photographer… Astronaut? Oceanographer? Indiana Jones? Nah. I’ll take wedding photographer every time, thanks.

My approach to shooting a wedding is always to try my best to create a record that evokes the feelings of the day, what it was like having all those people there, that one of a kind time. I use a mix of candid images off the awesomeness unfolding and a handful of posed (but never forced) shots.

How would you describe your style?

My style is relaxed and heartfelt, embracing vintage-inspired tones and film-like colours processing. Nothing forced or cheesy, just informal and a bit quirky.

What do you love about weddings?

Weddings are awesome. It's a chance to have a damn good party and express yourselves creatively, to show your love for each other and share it with the people you love most. Photographing weddings is rewarding and exhilarating - there's something about capturing a once in a lifetime event, creating that record that will deck mantle pieces and walls for years to come… something you can look at and remember when all those people were in the same room, the haircuts, the laughs, the lump in throat moments, the emotional honesty, the silliness, friendships, family… Yeah… just bloody awesome.

What's your travel policy?

I will travel throughout the UK and abroad (as long as permission to work can be obtained). Travel costs within the UK are always included in my prices.

Starting Price: Please enquire for details on pricing.

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