Last year we started our wedding photography industry survey, and we have conducted it again this year. With over 400 professional wedding photographers taking part we look for changes in the industry and how it is going.


Average number of weddings captured a year...0

Last year this was 28, so there has been a slight drop.

Average Percentage
that Book after Enquiry

This has increased from 53% last year.

Average Percentage
that Book an Engagement Shoot

Last year this was 32%

Percentage that have
an Unplugged Wedding

55% of photographers would prefer to capture an unplugged wedding.

Average spend by Couples in the UK on Photography


Last year the average spend was £1,520.

Spending Breakdown

The Business Side

Time most spent
Years Experience
Best Social Media for Bookings
Facebook - Organic
Facebook - Paid
Instagram - Organic
Biggest Expenses
Online Advertising

Unplugged Wedding Preference
Go Unplugged Not Fussed

55% of Photographers said they would prefer an unplugged wedding, up from 46% last year.

Canon Vs Nikon Canon Vs Nikon
Canon Nikon
58% Canon
58% of Photographers use a Canon Camera, a small increase from 55% last year.

Thoughts & Opinions

Within our survey we asked for the thoughts and opinions on the wedding photography industry, how they are finding it and any concerns of worries they have. Below is a summary of a few responses, we shall be publishing a more in-depth articles in the next few weeks.

"Average prices have dropped steadily over the past 10 years, as more and more newbies enter the scene. However, my main concern is the fact that "digital only" has become the norm, so as we are no longer getting our photos printed, many thousands of wedding images will be lost forever, as its so easy to lose, corrupt, or never look at again. Photo albums guaranteed a treasure to pass onto grandchildren, but digital in 50 years time is unlikely to be still accessible."
"I enjoy being part of the industry very much. There are times when things can get over-homogenised however so I love it when I meet couples who want to do things slightly differently and I encounter venues who are open to those differences.."
"Stripped back to the bare bones I love it. What I hate is the surge of tat aimed at wedding professionals simply to make money. Meaningless awards, meaningless "Best of the Best" style directories etc"
"There are some amazing new photographers out there challenging the established pro's. There are also some exciting developments with VR, video and drone photography which will add to the offerings available to couples."
"It's an industry of two halves - one half is harmonious, with photographers helping each other out and supporting each other, trying to provide the best services they can, while on the other side there is tension, I hear stories of conflict and price wars and back stabbing behaviour and those that provide poor service and leave couples upset and jaded about the rest of the industry. I can only try to be the best photographer that I can, I try to make client experience the most paramount thing I offer and I can only hope that this is recognised!"
"The industry is amazing, everyone is super helpful and once you build up trust in others, people are always willing to give advice and even recommendations! I love the industry!"
"The standard is getting better each year and there are more and more very good photographers out there. Competition is fierce and it's getting harder to be found."
"It's very competitive but I try to stick to my own style, it's all down to the bride and groom and what they want from their photographer! I think styles are changing, more boho & vintage styles are coming through which is great, lovely colours and lots of smiles!"

Thank you to everyone that took time to complete the survey, over the next few weeks we shall publish feedback and comments about the industry and areas within.

What are your thoughts on the industry at the moment?

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  1. Rob says:
    Posted February 24, 2017 at 3:10 PM | Permalink

    Interesting survey and results, as expected for me and there and there about with what I do in what is a very competitive industry.

  2. Thank you for sharing this information, very useful! It is a disappointment to see how over the years the number of marriages is falling steadily as the average spending on a wedding photographer … what will be the trend for the coming years?

  3. I’m quite surprised to see the average number of weddings shot per year at 23. After expenses, that doesn’t leave a great deal if you’re only shooting weddings.

    It’d be great if this could be broken down further perhaps to see if this varies according to things like number years in the industry or price bracket.

  4. Rob says:
    Posted February 24, 2017 at 5:40 PM | Permalink

    I did 26 weddings lat year, and I agree, it would be interesting to see a break down of years experience to number of weddings shot, and also how much they charge.

  5. What an interesting set of figures. I’d like to see some more questions added though like what percentage of couples buy a wedding album (for me this figure is about 70 percent, but that is very unusual) , and how many photographers are VAT registered (which is a good way of seeing what percentage turnover more than £83k).

    For sure this industry is changing, I’ve been doing this for 17 years and have seen more changes in the past three years than in the other 14 put together.

  6. Interesting figures. I agree with Simon’ points. Also, not all wedding photographers shoot Canon or Nikon. We amongst a rapidly growing number that use Fuji for example.

  7. I think many clients would find it strange just how little time we actually spend taking photographs!!!

  8. An interesting survey, thanks for sharing this. No big surprises. I’d be interested to see scatter graphs of years experience vs price and also years experience vs number of weddings shot. I wonder if there would be the expected correlations or not.

  9. Thanks for doing this survey, it’s a great industry to be involved with and interesting to see these results! It’d be interesting to see what percentage are destination weddings.

  10. Interesting! Always nice to see some collective data for an individual industry like ours!

  11. nickbrightman says:
    Posted May 1, 2017 at 1:35 PM | Permalink

    I’ve just signed up to be featured on ‘Your Perfect Wedding Photographer’ so it’s really interesting to see this survey

    I’m looking forwards to the results of the next one to see how things change

  12. This is great – thanks so much for doing this research and sharing with us. Lots of valuable insight and concurrencies from my own experience. I would also like to see more of a breakdown in the figures as well as some more info on the kind of photographers that took part (i.e. full time / part time workers, annual turnover, etc).

  13. Whoever posted about “meaningless Best of the Best” paid-for awards – I would love to be your friends. That’s how I feel too! Also the other person commenting about it being an “industry of two-halves”, I also want to be your friend, because I said exactly this in my survey too. One half are geniune, kind hearted people who are quick with advice and referrals… the other half are only friends with you if you have over 20k instagram friends. Sycophants, doing their best to disclude anyone who don’t fit their mould.

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