Creating Your Perfect Wedding Gift List

Collating your wedding gift list should be on one of the most enjoyable aspects of planning a wedding but it can be tricky to decide what to add to it, especially if you have already set up home and have everything you need. You’ve already got your perfect wedding photographer sorted so here are our best tips to help you set up your wedding gift registry. Where to Register

Use several locations to make the most of the many options that exist to create your wedding register. Think about how your guests like to shop and take it from there. For example, John Lewis may appeal to your grandparents who like to shop the traditional way, while an online gift registry such as Amazon will be easier for your busy working friends who haven’t had time to set foot in a shop since 2010, and guests who live a long way away.

A wedding is about the only time in your life when it is acceptable to ask for a specific present. Don’t push your luck by getting greedy and include a variety of prices to give your guests the best choice. While some guests may be happy to spend big on that designer throw you have your eye on, others may already be feeling the pinch after paying for transport and accommodation costs. Keep in mind that the idea of a wedding gift list is to help you with items you need to start your married life, not to give you the latest smartphone or your dream pair of Jimmy Choos. It’s ok to personalise your gift list with things you will treasure and use together such as camping equipment, artwork, or power tools if you’re doing up your home.

Letting Guests Know

It is very bad manners to include any information about your gift registry with your wedding invitation. Putting a slip of paper in with your invitation and RSVP stationary is a no-no however it is fine to direct people to your choice of store if they ask about your registry, and you can also include a link on your wedding website if you have one.

While giving cash to the newlyweds is a traditional part of weddings in some cultures, it is never acceptable to ask for money. You can ask your parents to let guests know you would appreciate a financial contribution towards whatever it is you’re saving for, but don’t expect that by not creating a wedding gift registry that you will automatically be given money.

How to Buy a Wedding Gift

Guests should choose an item from a couple’s list of gift ideas where possible because are the items which they will value and use the most. If money is an issue then consider combining finances with friends or family to buy one of the larger items. Whether you buy it online or in person, have the item delivered to the couple (or the bride, if they don’t yet live together) a week or two before the wedding.

Don't feel that you can only buy an item from the gift registry. If you can’t afford it, or there is something you really want to give, follow your instinct and choose something which compliments items from their wedding registry, or which suits your budget and fits their personality.