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Natural, artistic, creative in style. Unobtrusive, relaxed and a bit of fun in approach.

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Sarah Ellen Bailey

A bit about me…
I’ve been pointing lenses at people and other stuff for lots of years now, more years than I would like to disclose as it make me feel old. Let’s just say I’m experienced. Without blowing my own trumpet (because as a nation we’re rubbish at that) I’d say I’m pretty good at it too. My clients seem to think the same, which is nice.
Outside of work, I teach people to jump out of aeroplanes, am studying a part time law degree (only because I like a good debate I think) and am a hobbyist motor biker. I’m also trying not to sew my fingers together with my new sewing machine and I’m learning to play squash (badly) when time allows.
I’m from an Irish family, grew up in the South East and moved up to the East Midlands nine years ago. I’m now happily ensconced in the middle of Grantham with my other half and two hairy dogs. There is always a bar of Toblerone in the fridge.

How would you describe your style?

A bit about my approach... Professional, relaxed, unobtrusive and a bit of fun. Let's face it, most of us aren't fans of posing for photographs or having flash guns fired in our eyes. I avoid both wherever possible in favour of a more photojournalistic approach. No need to scare the guests. For me, winning wedding photography relies on the photographer’s ability to be part of every aspect of your day so it can be recorded it for posterity, without actually being part if it at all. I aim to document the day as it unfolds, with as little staging as possible. I try to blend in so that I can capture the unscripted moments, the emotions, the excitement and exuberance. Think stealthy and ninja like. I shoot continually with an aim of capturing your wedding in its entirety, all the moments you'll want to relive through the photographs, and some of those moments you might have missed in the bustle of the day. After the day I process all of your images individually using a variety of techniques. There are lots of examples on the website to have a look through.

What do you love about weddings?

Wedding photography is ace. I love it! I'm one of those people that likes people. Photographing a wedding means I get to spend the day with lots of new people every time. It's perfect. It's always different too. I've been to so many weddings and can honestly say that it's never once been a repetitive experience. There's always a little challenge too. The person that doesn't like having their picture taken, the sea of iPhones and tablets that constantly try to get in front of you, the unpredictable British weather. Never a dull day! I'm also loving the creative opportunities we have with processing. Processing isn't a crime, it is in fact a complete necessity if you shoot RAW images. Whenever you take a picture you need to tell the computer how it is supposed to look, the same as you would have done if you were processing a negative in a dark room. The dark room is just on the computer now.

What's your travel policy?

Have transport and not afraid to use it. I cover all of the UK and am happy to look at destination weddings too.

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