Rob & Sarah Gillespie

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Husband and wife photographers based in the Midlands. Heartfelt & natural photography and gorgeous couple portraits with heart & soul.

We come as a pair as a standard and have worked this way since we first started.

We each have our own way of interpreting what we see and our work gels together extremely well to provide a fabulous variety of images.

Because of our experience and the way we observe, compose and capture, our wedding photography has a tangible sense of feeling to it. Most of our pictures are spontaneous and inspired by the moments unfolding in front of us and the surroundings they take place in. The light, the shade, the emotions, the context. There’s no pre-conceived shot lists or ticking of boxes. We’d rather keep things fresh, classy and unobtrusive.

We’ve always photographed weddings together, so we tend to instinctively know where each other will be and the kind of pictures they’ll be getting. There’s parts of the day where we work together and for other parts we’re completely separate.

We’re two pairs of eyes and two creative minds but we’re very much a team effort.

How would you describe your style?

We’ve always gone with with what felt right to us. There's so much energy that gets poured into a wedding - so much personality, that it seems obvious to us that that the photographs should be equally personal, to have substance and context. For the vast majority of the day we quietly observe, capturing the relationships, moments and emotions unfolding in front of us. But, we also love to take you two off to create some gorgeous pictures in and around your venue. Family group photos are always important and we're happy to do them for you, but we just ask that the numbers be kept sensible so they don't take up all your available time. We photograph weddings together as standard, not as an optional extra. We typically cover both of the morning preparations all the way through the day until the first dance and beyond.

What do you love about weddings?

Love, friendship, happiness, anticipation, nerves, laughter., but overall...joy. You can feel it in the room, in the hugs and the happy tears. Being able to capture these things is an amazing privilege.

What advice would you give to couples looking for their perfect wedding photographer?

Go with the images that make you feel something, the ones where real emotion is on show rather than shots set up and overly-posed. Do you feel like you're looking at a real wedding or a photo shoot? Do you feel part of the action or just observing a pre-defined list of shots dictated by the photographer? Go with your heart.

What's your travel policy?

We cover all of the Midlands counties for no additional charges. For weddings further away we might need an overnight stay but we\'ll discuss and agree all of this before you book.

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