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Your beautiful day deserves beautiful photographs. I'll ensure those precious memories last for all time!

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Moments in Time Wedding Photography

I offer high quality wedding photography at affordable prices.

For me, each wedding is special, as individual as the people involved. That’s the joy I get from my work as a professional wedding photographer – no wedding day is the same, and I have to approach each one differently. The ceremony, the venue, the location, the time of year, each will have its effect on the day, but more importantly it’s the people who make it memorable.

There is no greater pleasure as a photographer than being entrusted with capturing forever a moment in a couple’s life that will stay in the memory a lifetime. My own wedding remains as vivid and as special to me today as it did on the day and my aim is to work closely with you to ensure my work perfectly preserves your special memories, so that five, ten, twenty, thirty years from now you will look at your photographs and be instantly transported back to that magic moment in time as if it happened only yesterday. Long after the cake has been eaten and the flowers have disappeared, your photos will be constantly there to bring back the magic.

I am based in Somerset and cover the whole of the South West, offering high quality work and highly competitive packages, and I don’t charge extra for Bank Holidays and weekends! I’m friendly and relaxed, and always open to new ideas, and if you’re one of those who doesn’t like their photo taken you’re in the right hands! In the end, it’s all about your day, your way!



How would you describe your style?

Personally, I'm relaxed and friendly, which I think is very important. Some people are nervous about appearing in front of a camera (I'm one of them strangely enough!) and you don't want to be extra nervous on your wedding day, so it's important that I help people relax otherwise you simply don't get the most memorable shots. This has to start at the very beginning, when talking to the bride-and-groom-to-be, and everyone involved, helping them feel comfortable and that they are very much a part of deciding what they want. But on the day, you want everyone to be relaxed, and I enjoy creating that, something that you can see in my photographs. My photographic style really depends upon what you desire, but generally it is a mixture of the informal, candid, reportage, artistic and traditional - and whatever you decide on the day! I have known people start out quite stiff and unsure, then really letting their hair down as the day progresses, demanding all manner of different photos to suit the mood! My job is to be there to capture every nuance of your day - even the parts not seen by you - and yet it is also to be unobtrusive. A photographer adds to the day; he does not dominate it in any way. I will be there, but I won't, if you see what I mean...

What do you love about weddings?

Weddings are without doubt happy days, and that passes on to everyone involved - yes, even the photographer! I'm constantly amazed at how, even after all this time and after lots of weddings, I can still choke up! Seriously! Call me an old romantic, but there is something special about weddings. The sense of occasion, the start of a new life together for the couple, the happy relatives beaming away, and everyone dressed to the nines. And I always feel privileged to be a part of it, even though I am effectively a stranger to the family. By the time the wedding is over and I've taken hours upon hours working on the photos afterwards, I feel I know everyone. I am blessed that I enjoy my work so much, and a large part of that is because your happy day makes me happy, too. How many jobs can you say that about?

What advice would you give to couples looking for their perfect wedding photographer?

Most people book their photographer last, which is surprising as it's perhaps just as important as anything else on the day. In fact, without it you'll probably forget a large part of what happened or what it looked like! So the first bit of advice is to think about photography as early as you can. Photographers get booked up very early. My advice to a couple wanting a photographer is not to fall into the trap that everyone has cameras these days and so we'll have plenty of photos taken by guests. I've heard so many horror stories from people! A professional photographer has years of experience in their craft - and it is a craft, an art form, that takes great skill to capture both posed and candid shots. You have to have an eye for the photo, the moment (you only get one shot at it) and then the skills to be able to make the most of framing, lighting, texture etc, as well as the hours of post-production work in the studio. What you need from a good photographer is someone who will listen to what you would like from the day, not who turns up with preconceived ideas of what you should have. They should not only be technically good, but able to listen to you and adapt to your needs. Also, they need to be friendly and approachable - avoid the dictatorial ones at all costs! I've heard of quite a few photographers upsetting not only bride and groom but guests in their quest to 'get the right shot'. That's just not on! For me, it's more than a business. I get great satisfaction out of capturing a couple's wedding day and genuinely feel honoured and privileged to be doing so. Some photographers are so cold as to be mercenary. It's all about the money. Avoid them. Their heart just isn't in it and that will show in their photos of your big day. While we're on money, price is not always an indication of quality - just because someone charges thousands of pounds does not mean their photos are any better than those who operate on budget packages. It's just that photographers find their own market in a very competitive business, and some do not have as many overheads to cover so they will be cheaper. Look at their samples - more than a couple of weddings! - just so you get to see some form of continuity in their work. If you like what you see, and you like them and their prices, you've got your photographer.

What's your travel policy?

Free travel up to 100 miles, 40p per mile after this (charges apply to wedding day only)..

Starting Price: My starting price is £495 for photos of the arrival of the happy couple to the speeches

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Dec 11, 2016 by Susie

We chose Jan to be our wedding photographer because of his beautiful, relaxed style of photography and the photos we received from him did not disappoint! He used the sun and autumn colours to great effect and we are both very pleased with the result. Jan's photos captured the lighthearted nature of our day and we had a good giggle looking through them together. He was wonderful to have around - never in the way, but capturing everything. We don't particularly like being photographed, but Jan put us at ease straight away. Thank you, Jan! We will be ordering an album too.

What a day!

Aug 26, 2015 by Nick Sugden

My wife-to-be chose Jan following brief conversations with several photographers. Jan is easy to talk to and works to ensure that he provides exactly what YOU want. Our wedding was a small, family affair with only 8 guests. Jan was so accommodating and agreed to a short time contract.
Come the day in Bath and our first prayer was answered - beautiful sunny weather. Jan used everything to great effect to produce a stunning array of photos. The lovely Guildhall, the walk to Parade Gardens and the Gardens themselves with beautiful flowers providing a backdrop to some wonderful posed and not-so-posed shots. Jan has provided us with all the photos on a memory stick in colour and B&W versions. We didn't opt for an album originally as we didn't think there would be enough photos! How wrong we were! We'll be back in touch to remedy this.
We have no hesitation in recommending Jan to anyone who wants a photographer that will do what you want and who'll put you totally at ease on your most important day.

Your Perfect Wedding Photographer , 5.0 5.0 2 2 We chose Jan to be our wedding photographer because of his beautiful, relaxed style of photography and the photos we received from him did not disappoint! He used the sun and autum


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