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My love of romance and telling a story has lead me to the love I have for the work that I produce. Capturing a story for each individual couple, never fails to keep the work that I do, fresh and appealing. Getting to know each couple is exhilarating and heart warming, as I get to know your stories from the beginning, all the way to the beginning of a new chapter in your lives. I can’t help but feel truly privileged to be the one that you in trust to capture the day, with my artistic skills and style.

Before becoming a photographer, I was a fully trained artist. I have always been enchanted by painting portraits, with great detail and emotion. Becoming a photographer was an extension of this love, that I had developed from a very young age. I have always been someone with the need to be creative and artistic, so becoming a wedding photographer was the next step in my journey.

My favorite part of the day is the couple shots.. I cant wait to take you out and about getting the perfect photos..

Photos that I know you and your future family will treasure for ever!

Along with my wedding photography business, I also create bridal boudoir packages.. please follow my new blog.

How would you describe your style?

As an avid movie geek, my work contains a more whimsical, movie like style to them. My style of work is dependent on the style of the weddings, the venue and the season. My work is adapted to work with your day and your vision. This is why I like to work closely with each client, by setting up our first meet. Where will discuss your more than the needs of your day, so be prepared to be creative with me. That's the best bit!! I try to work each chapter of the day, in a style that brings out the best for that moment. Over the past year, I have been working more and more with natural light as my main method. I do use fill in flash, and will get creative with off camera flash to take certain photos to the next stage, Sometimes when their is lack of natural light, I will opt for flash so as to achieve the best possible result, where I will create a mobile studio, using the venue as my backdrop.

What do you love about weddings?

The reason why I love weddings, is a strange one. But who doesn't like a good story. I started my photography career wanting to be a vintage beauty photographer. So I channeled my skills towards this (many many moons ago) . My beautiful new camera, brought the attention of family and friends who wanted their portrait taking, along with their weddings. Of course I said yes! But with horror.. I worried that I had someones special day and I needed to insure that I could give the very best. So I asked my mentor to take me with him on his upcoming weddings...! I never gave it a second thought, that I would be enchanted the way I was. I never knew that weddings could be so versatile and creative. Every wedding I had been to, had been normal... Yet my first wedding as a second photographer, was far beyond my expectations. The couple I speak of.... Ashley and Leanne, were having their wedding in Dudley Caverns, which is attached to the Black Country Museum. With the only way into the cave, was on a barge through the scenic underground canal. Amazing... as the groom and my mentor left in the first barge. I continued to photograph the family and all their friends. Then they proceeded to leave on the second barge, There I was on my own panicked.... I waited, and then a red vintage mustang turned the corner... with the beautiful Leanne. I was on a roll, and it just kept getting better and better.. From that day, I never looked back.. I was a wedding photographer.. its what I love, and its why I love it!

What advice would you give to couples looking for their perfect wedding photographer?

Depending on the season you choose to get married in, will heavily effect the amount of natural light available for your pictures. So, consider the times of when you are getting married. Make sure you talk this through with your photographer, so that you photo plan, is timed to create the optimum time for each section of your photos. You may choose to have less formals, and only choose which ones you want most to give you more time for other aspects. If you are having a winter wedding, discuss what lighting options will they use, to get the maximum from your venue. I would hope that they are using an assistant to help. As you want them to focus on you, while their assistant follows instructions on moving lights, along with carrying items from a-b. If you photographer adapt at their skills, they should not feel offended by this questions. In fact they should welcome them... Summer weddings allow for more time, so you can get the maximum from all day packages. So make sure you go with your photographer to your wedding venue, so you can explore and plan before the big day... I always do this 28 days before, so that we can go through all the items of the day. Or like many of my brides they use this for the engagement shoot, so that they can practice and get used to working with me before there big day. Spring weddings, allow for some extra time.. but can still be cold and sometimes windy. So make sure you have something warm to hand while waiting in between shots. Consider your older guests... as they will feel the cold quicker. I would make sure any photos they are in, are completed first. If you are nervous, which most are. I would suggest to get all the group and formal shots completed first,, so that they can leave you to have your shots done on your own. By this time they will be in need of a drink and some nibbles and will be less likely to follow you around... complete alone time for you both!! Just say you are with the photographer, and they tend to stay back, hence the exploring, we know where to hide lol...

What's your travel policy?

up to 40 miles included in all packages. Travel is negotiable, we travel through out the UK and beyond.

Starting Price: Please enquire for details on pricing.

No offers at the moment, but get in touch below for details of my prices and packages.

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Aug 28, 2015 by Gemma Bannister

I'll never forget when I first saw my photos from Michelle, I nearly fell off my chair they were that beautiful. Michelle has a wonderfully Artist eye and a style that is absolutely unique to her. Plus she is super lovely to boot, I am now her number one fan!!

Your Perfect Wedding Photographer , 5.0 5.0 1 1 I'll never forget when I first saw my photos from Michelle, I nearly fell off my chair they were that beautiful. Michelle has a wonderfully Artist eye and a style that is absolutel


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