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Mark J Hillyer Photography

I work in an unobtrusive and relaxed documentary style to capture the special moments of your day naturally and as they happened. To me, your wedding day is just that, a whole day. You can’t leave after the first dance and document the whole story. I don’t want to miss anything. I’m there from the first thing in the morning, with a mug of coffee & I leave with the last of the revellers at the end of the night.
If you’d like me to, I’m happy to take some group photographs too & I do shoot some portraits of the two of you. I just don’t let the photography and posing aspect take over your day.

How would you describe your style?

I work in an unobtrusive & natural documentary style. Most of the day you'll hardly know I'm there. It's important to me for my photographs to tell the real story of your day and to me, your wedding day is just that, a whole day. I want to capture the events of the day in the most natural way, I don’t want to shoot fake moments, staged for the camera. I want to be there when they happen for real, and for that reason, my price includes me being there past the first dance until the late evening. To be a story teller, you can't leave after the first dance because you're missing the last chapter of the story. The evening is when everyone lets their hair down and staying to capture that is an important part of my philosophy and style Every wedding is different just like every couple is different and I aim to capture what is unique about you, your guests and your day. That’s why I don’t work to a formula or use a set of fixed poses. I don’t want to repeat someone else’s wedding. I want you to have a set of photographs that are as unique as you are and tell the full story of your special day in a creative, imaginative & artistic way. Although 90% of the day I work in a documentary style, I do like to capture a few groups and some portraits of the two of you. I don't like to spend to long posing you. I like to find a good location and then let you interact naturally. I’m happy to give a little guidance here and there with how to stand to look your best, but it’s the interaction between you that’s the key. I love couples who talk to each other and joke while I’m taking their photograph.

What do you love about weddings?

I love to capture the connections between people. Family, friends, the bride and groom. They are all connected & I love to meet new people and to capture their relationships.

What advice would you give to couples looking for their perfect wedding photographer?

Always meet the photographer and make sure that you pick someone that you connect with and that gets what you're about. Look for someone who loves photography and is a people person outside of their wedding photography website.

What's your travel policy?

I\'ll travel anywhere

Starting Price: 1300.00

No offers at the moment, but get in touch below for details of my prices and packages.

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