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Marbella is a popular destination for holidays and is also a stunning location to get married.

Looking for cheap wedding photography in Marbella? We would recommend increasing your budget so you can hire the best wedding photographer you can afford, remember at the end of your wedding day the photos will be the one thing you have last that also keep hold of all your memories.

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Are you from the UK planning to get married and yet you don’t have an idea of where to hold your wedding? Well, don’t worry as there are various cities are that you can hold your dream wedding. One of the towns is Marbella in Spain. There are attractive and beautiful venues that you can hold your wedding. If you wish to hold your wedding in place which has natural and historical views, you can visit Benahavis, for those who prefer a hotel resort, consider Kempinski hotel, H10 Palace Estepona or even Hotel Guadalmina. Hotel El Fuerte Marbella is a great venue for those who wish to have a beach wedding. Apart from having a great wedding venue, there are some important things to consider.

Things you should keep in mind when getting married in Marbella in Spain.

Book a wedding planner in Marbella

Having a wedding planner is very crucial for a bride and a groom whether you are from the city or not. This is because you will need a person to oversee everything before and during your big day. These things include the caterers, the wedding set up, the cake delivery and also music performers. You will need time to prepare for your wedding regarding your dressing and also makeup and therefore with a planner to handle the rest of things; you will have enough time to relax and get to enjoy your day as well. Also, it is crucial that you find a reliable wedding planner, so you don’t get disappointed on your big day. You can research online the best wedding planners located in Marbella, Spain.

Know the right time to get married

Knowing an excellent opportunity to have your wedding depending on the climate is very crucial in Spain. This is because you have to work with the climatic changes and determine the right time to plan for your wedding. For example, during the months of June, July, and September, the temperatures are usually high in the afternoon hours from 2 pm to 4 pm, and the high heat can be uncomfortable to handle. Therefore, if you are planning for a wedding during these months, make sure that you set to hold your ceremony during the morning to noon hours or late evening hour from 5 pm as the temperatures are cool.

Confirm your wedding venue

This is a crucial factor that the bride and the groom should not overlook. The importance of establishing your wedding venue is to secure it for your date such that it is not hired to another person. Also if you leave far from Spain and you happen to hire the venue online, it is important that you confirm that the site indeed exists and is available. You can secure your booking by paying a deposit of the total amount charged.


Pricing is another thing to consider when having your wedding at Marbella. Different suppliers have different charges depending on their services and products as well. Therefore it is advisable that you compare several companies and see what they offer so you don’t end up draining your savings. Also, don’t get attracted to the low prices charged by some vendors as you may find that either their services or products such as the guests’ chairs or even the wedding venue are not in good condition. A good supplier should offer you a pocket-friendly price.