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There indeed is an increase in the flux of demand for Chinese London wedding photography, because the Chinese couples seem to love the backdrop for their photos that London can provide for them. Thus the couples must be out and about very early in the morning in order to make this all happen.

At 6 in the morning, Central London is beautiful with the iconic skyline bathed in soft light that it is well known for. There is less traffic during this time; except there will be some rubbish trucks and delivery trucks that are moving about to beat the rush of the morning traffic that will eventually start up. The paved areas which later on in the day can be thronged about with so many tourists are usually clear at this time of the morning, but there may be the sighting of a shift worker or some pigeons.

It may seem incongruous to see a Chinese couple dressed in full wedding attire at this time as they pose for dramatically staged photos at Westminster Bridge and other places about London when most of London has not yet woken from slumber. But it is a charming sight and the couple is having the time of their lives, knowing that they are going to have some of the best wedding photographs ever taken.

A Chinese couple may meet in London because of coming to London to study. Then they get engaged. Eventually they will return to China to marry, but they decide to have some wedding photographs taken in the wonderful and beautiful city of London in full wedding attire, though they have not been married yet. This is because to have wedding photos taken in London is only a once in a time opportunity for them and a real dream that can come true right now while they are already in London. To return to London after being married to get wedding photos done may be too costly for them, or they may not have the free time to do so because of taking on new jobs in China. So the prime time to get the wedding photos done is now while they are already here in London.

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Chinese London wedding photography is a large and lucrative business industry. Chinese couples that are preparing to wed, want their wedding photos to be taken in front of landmarks that are considered famous in the London area. One guy had a friend ask him to take some photos of him and his wife to be; and since then in only a year, his Chinese London wedding photography business has grown to include having taken photos for one hundred and fifty Chinese couples.

Another Chinese London wedding photographer has been doing Chinese London wedding photography for the past eight years actually. This photographer states that the augmentation in the number of couples wanting this type of service is because people have more money now and are able to travel from China to London to get their wedding pictures done here.

The Chinese couples love to have their wedding photos taken at Westminster Bridge, Saint Paul's, Tower Bridge and Bank. These are some of the most famous places. But there are couples that met at university and want photos taken on their university campuses, such as at the university entrance and library. Or couples may have other special areas of London and the United Kingdom that are special to them where they would like to have their photos done. These photos do indeed create memories for a lifetime.

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In fact it is a custom of Chinese couples to have their personal wedding photos taken prior to the day of their marriage instead of on their actual nuptial day, even if their wedding pictures are taken in China or London. This allows them to share sweet romantic photos with their guests and this is a lovely way to decorate part of the wedding with photos in various areas of the wedding location, such as the entrance in the foyer or at the reception. On the big wedding day, the photos can be shown to the guests of the wedding couple by placing the photos on cards or by implementing the usage of big screens and also via video, which is so entertaining and interesting for the guests that have been invited to celebrate the wedding of the Chinese couple.