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As usual with most things in life, our parents are a very important part of who we are. My father gave me when I was 7 years a laboratory. My desire to take photos made me that sometimes steal his Werlisa to go outside to take pictures that developed in my room immediately. During adolescence I continued taking pictures, developing and exposing.

Photography runs in my veins, it is part of my essence. My photo as a good friend said “is an emotional interpretation of everyday life, is multiplying everyday beauty.”

It is very difficult to express how my photography is if it is not through images and in this site are many of my works to understand how.
However, there are things I can put into words. My concept of wedding photography is not the classic of pose. From a non conventional and non-traditional approach, working from emotion, I intend to capture all that loads of unique moments result of all the emotions that emerge during your magical day. I am absolutely convinced of two things that are very important in photography: it is impossible to approach to the emotions without bringing emotion and that a quality work takes time. My photography is natural, emotional, sometimes conceptually emotional, is handmade, unhurried, almost moulded with the hands. I do not intend to pretend things that not are, only interpret things happening in front of my eyes.
Ah! By the way, note that:

I’m based in Barcelona, Tuscany and UK but working worldwide.

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