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From Corfu to Mykonos, there are way too many gorgeous wedding locations to mention in Greece. We showcase Greece based Wedding photographers that will capture your wedding in Athens, Corfu , Crete, Korinthia, Loutraki, Monemvasia, Mykonos, Nicosia, the beautiful Rhodes or the spectacular Santorini. Capturing your special day on the cobbled streets with amazing views and beautiful white washed buildings in the background.

Looking for cheap wedding photography in Greece? We would recommend increasing your budget so you can hire the best wedding photographer you can afford, remember at the end of your wedding day the photos will be the one thing you have last that also keep hold of all your memories.

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Get Married in stunning locations such as Athens, Crete, Mykonos, Rhodes or the spectacular Santorini.

Getting Married in Greece

Greece is gorgeous and a wedding here would be a dream come true for any couple. It's hardly a surprise that it is one of the top spots for a destination wedding.

Who doesn't want a backdrop of deep blue waters, shimmery sand, a volcano and a view so stunning, it looks photoshopped in the wedding pictures?

Santorini, Mykonos and Rhodes are the top choices for a dream wedding but there are many more picturesque gems hidden in various parts of Greece that promise an enchanting wedding venue.

However, before you plan your lovely Aegean wedding adventure and dream of a Grecian goddess type wedding look, take care of a number of legal requirements (permissions, paperwork, translations, apostilles etc.) that you need to fulfill to have a wedding in Greece. Since this could take you a month or more, it is best if you hire a local wedding planner to help you through the legal hoops.

Here are 7 spots perfect for a fairytale wedding with a sunny weather, whitewashed luxurious villas and magnificent cobalt seas.

Greek Wedding Destination #1. - Santorini

Also referred to as the island of romance, Santorini is beyond mesmerising. The soothing look of scores of whitewashed villas of Fira, residing on the edge of the caldera, and in contrast, the amazing black beaches of Perivolos, Perissa and Kamari provide you with this edgy, dramatic and jaw-dropping landscape for some of the most scenic venues for a wedding. Santorini is 'the' dream wedding destination.

Greek Wedding Destination #2. - Chios

Chios is unique and has a magical aura around it. It is the fifth biggest island of Greece and quite popular for picstureque weddings. Begin your new life together in this beautiful island in Greece.

Greek Wedding Destination #3. - Crete

If you're having a hard time choosing between venues in Greece, as nothing seems perfect, pick Crete for your wedding and you'll be spoilt for choices.From mystical majestic fortress type weddings to charming entrancing chapel type weddings, to rural farm estate ones and the varied fabulous beaches for a simply perfect beach wedding, to more, Crete has something for every engaged couple.

Greek Wedding Destination #4. - Skopelos

Ever since the super hit Meryl Streep Hollywood movie, Mamma Mia, which was released in 2008, Skopelos has slowly emerged as a hot wedding destination for couples from abroad. The chapel of Agios Ioannis Kastri, and the lovely wedding set of the movie gave become extremely popular because of its gorgeous views and the quaint beauty of the island.

Greek Wedding Destination #5. - Mykonos

Mykonos can be easily called most cosmopolitan Greek island and weddings here typically take place in on a shimmery sandy beach or in a more traditional Cycladic chapel. You can even go for a privately chartered boat wedding, which is quite impressive. The most popular and one of the most authentic places across the Greek islands is the Mykonos Windmill with its simply breathtaking views of the Little Venice bay.

Greek Wedding Destination #6. - Corfu

Engaged couples love Corfu - the Venetian style amazing historic centre, with the very popular and charming Town Hall of Corfu, a 19th century building, which makes for a perfect wedding venue. The Town Hall was originally designed as the elegant San Giacomo Opera Theatre. Arrive at your wedding in a horse-drawn carriage or walk through a cobbled street with street musicians singing along.

Greek Wedding Destination #7. - Kefalonia

Large, magnificent and memorable, the island of Kefalonia has traditional quaint chapels as well golden beaches and lush gardens for a variety of wedding venue options. The Lighthouse of Argostoil is quite a popular choice for a scenic wedding, along with a photo tour of the island for amazing wedding pictures.