A Wedding of Tradition

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A Wedding of Tradition

Today we feature a very traditional Romanian wedding captured by Cristi Sebastian, a wedding photographer based in Milan, Italy.  Below Cristi has shared with us why they chose this wedding to feature as well as detail about the day itself.

“I could have chosen an Italian wedding which are full of amazing moments, but I opted to show an orthodox wedding seeing that orthodox weddings and wedding traditions are in trend now. I’ve chosen this Romanian wedding to feature asI think it’s one of small number of weddings that I felt touched by the couples feelings for each other.”

The Day
I remember this wedding like it was yesterday. The week before the wedding it had rained very badly. Yet, somehow Saturday the clouds vanished and the sun shone as God banished them. From the beginning I knew that that it will be a special day. And it was.

Maybe because they made me feel good and happy being next to them on their wedding day, maybe they have paid me as much attention as for the guests, maybe they are a cool couple and the fact they are always happy or maybe because during the speech, the groom thanked me in front of all the guests.

I couldn’t choose a preferred moment since they were so many and all of them were unique and emanate feelings that I didn’t believed that I would experience them as photographer. And yet this thing made me to wish to offer clients fond memories. As with each wedding I ask from myself more and more, wishing to capture and create shots that sends feelings.

Cristi-Sebastian01 Cristi-Sebastian02 Cristi-Sebastian03 Cristi-Sebastian04 Cristi-Sebastian05 Cristi-Sebastian06 Cristi-Sebastian07 Cristi-Sebastian08 Cristi-Sebastian10 Cristi-Sebastian11 Cristi-Sebastian12 Cristi-Sebastian13 Cristi-Sebastian14 Cristi-Sebastian15 Cristi-Sebastian17 Cristi-Sebastian18

The Photographer
I officially started shooting weddings in September 2013. Till then I wasn’t anyones second shooter or assistant. I had only knowledge. I can admit I asked myself 1000 times if I can handle it. I did it and came out better than I expected. It turned out that I was more than prepared to nail the weddings. People, especially friends of friends, saw those pictures and suddenly I was approached and contracted for their weddings.

Cristi-Sebastian19 Cristi-Sebastian20 Cristi-Sebastian22 Cristi-Sebastian25 Cristi-Sebastian26 Cristi-Sebastian27 Cristi-Sebastian29 Cristi-Sebastian30 Cristi-Sebastian31 Cristi-Sebastian32 Cristi-Sebastian33 Cristi-Sebastian34 Cristi-Sebastian35 Cristi-Sebastian36 Cristi-Sebastian37 Cristi-Sebastian38

It’s somewhere between PJ and creative. I like to compose creative shots like the first two above, but I also like to not interfering with grooms in their most important day. Of course I’m always in the search of techniques and approaches of photographing weddings, and since 2013 I made a huge progress and the journey continues.

In March 2014 from a national newspaper, an editor asked me to tell something about my work. I asked back how much to write knowing that the space in newspaper is limited. He replied: as much as you want. A full page was printed in the newspaper.


If you would like to find out more about Cristi then you can do so and also get in touch with them about your wedding day on our site here.

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