Wedding Planners Revelry Events

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Wedding Planners Revelry Events

We chat to Holly and Susannah, London based wedding planners that run Revelry Events.

Tell us about yourself and your company?

We’re Revelry Events and we’re all about rulebook-free weddings. We love weddings that don’t fit the normal conventions, that capture your personalities and most of all, ones where everyone has a rollickingly good time!

Super organised and super style focused we do everything from full planning to styling to on the day co-ordination, and even offer a nifty pay as you plan option for the more budget conscious.

We’re based in London but travel all over the UK and overseas for our nearlyweds. Revelry Events is also more commonly known to our friends and family as Holly and Susannah.

Wedding Planners Revelry Events

How did you get into wedding planning?

S: I’ve used to work in PR and events but I changed careers to wedding planning after realising that I’d get much more satisfaction organising weddings for people than events for brands. I was right!

H: It sounds super cheesy but it’s honestly been what I’ve wanted to do since I was really young – though I had a brief longing to be an volcanologist. I learned everything I could through my teens about what it meant to be a planner. I shadowed other planners, I read every book going on weddings, I tore out pictures from magazines. So when I finished studying film and television production at university I just started planning weddings for free, for friends of friends, until I built up enough business and enough confidence to really go for it.

Wedding Planners Revelry Events
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What do you love about your job?

It’s rare to be able to find a job that mixes organisation and creativity, it’s a very right brain and left brain kind of deal, which is great.

Being able to work to your own schedule is brilliant as is being able to realise your own ideas and not answer to anybody else. We also get to meet and work with some really lovely people. It’s a very nice industry to be part of.

What are common mistakes you see with couples planning their day?

It’s very easy to get carried away when planning a wedding and with all the amazing things you can find on Pinterest and Instagram sometimes its hard to create a cohesive day where everything works together over having numerous things you’ve seen online and decided to recreate yourself. It’s totally understandable, but the beauty of having a planner is that you’ve got an objective third person to help manage your style (and your budget!).

Wedding Planners Revelry Events
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What trends are you seeing at the moment?

We actually wrote a trend report at the start of the year, you can see it here and we’re seeing a lot of it coming to life especially the patterns, plants and palms. More people are using foliage to decorate. We’re also seeing a change in catering with a lot of people opting for more family style and relaxed dining over a plated meal. We’re also going out on a limb and saying cactus is going to be the new fern, we bet you £50.

What tips and advice would you give to couples planning their wedding?

Hire a planner (jokes!) There is the practical advice we could give which is do your research and thoroughly check out suppliers and venues and keep 5% of your budget back for contingency (you’ll probably use it).

Our other advice would be to just enjoy it. The planning and the day. Hopefully you’ll only do it once and even though planning a wedding can be like entering a new very unfamiliar world its a very nice, friendly and helpful one that you should try not to get overwhelmed in.

Wedding Planners Revelry Events
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Do you have any advice when it comes to hiring a wedding photographer?

Research! Research! Research! It’s important not to go overboard on your budget but this is one area you don’t want to scrimp on. It’s also always worth remembering that once the day is over the photographs (and video) are your keepsake of the day.

Finally what is the dream wedding you would love to plan?

S: We’ve actually just started a new series on our blog called Fictional Follies which is what we think the weddings of some of our favourite fictional couples would look like. We’ve got Ron and Hermione up there at the moment. But real people, well I’d really like Prince Harry to give us a bell if he gives up his bachelor status.

H: We’re stepping up our destination wedding game at the moment with a bunch of our couples getting hitched abroad, so I’d love to look at some fun new places to plan a wedding. Somewhere like Sri Lanka or Mexico. Because, why not?

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