Wedding Photos of the Week – 3rd October 2014

Photos of the Week // Published by Sam, Editor - October 3, 2014

Our first round up of our 3 lovely Wedding Photos of the Week for October and we have 3 very different styles this week. Let us know what you think and well done to all.
Photo above by Stunning Photography

My client wanted a night shot involving cigars, so not having a clue how to go about it I naturally agreed.
Luckily for me the golf course where the reception was being held had these very gothic looking street lamps. I waited until dark, positioned my camera low on a tripod and took a few test shots using a long exposure with rear curtain sync flash. I didn’t really get the effect I wanted so decided to just improvise the shoot in the same way that Jimi Hendrix would just riff…

I set the ushers up and asked them to assume a character and a stance.

I commanded them to suck, blow, hold. As the smoke wafted up and the guys froze in their positions I pulled the trigger.

Photo by Alena Sreflova

I love this photo because it shows all the emotions of the bride on her wedding day. A beautiful photo with such warm light and happiness.

Photo by Sarah Wayte Photography

This is from a recent wedding in Norfolk. I managed to collar the bride and groom for a couple of minutes just as the sun was going down and when the bride suggested clambering in to the field – dress, heels and all – I jumped for joy! The light was beautiful and this couple are stunning.


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