Wedding Photos of the Week – 1st August 2014

Photos of the Week // Published by Sam, Editor - August 1, 2014

The first day of a new month and it is a Friday, here is our round up of our 3 favourite photos of the week.

Photo above by JOL Photography

Alex and Emilie were married at Hogarth in Solihull in the west midlands last week. After a very distressing start as one on the brides elderly Uncles tripped over a step and dislocated his shoulder resulting an paramedics being rushed to the scene and an hours delay in the wedding service. Finally after medical assistance and the paramedics having to stay through the service, the wedding took place.

We shot this image at 10:15pm. we took the bride and groom out for their last shot of the day, we love all the trees that lined the path and wanted to to something dramatic! with just the fairy lights from the trees and a flash back lighting them… the results was this!

Photo by Stephen Johns

This is Benedicte and Kjetil, Shot around the Loddefjord near Bergen, Norway, this June.
What I love the most about this image is the immersion of the subjects into the background, a combination of landscape, showing the beauty and depth, yet still portraying the bride and groom together as one.

Photo by Frankee Victoria Photography – A cute couple out in the green peaceful countryside with a lovely teepee and bunting.

Well done to all and if you wish to submit a photo for next week then you can find out more and get in touch here.

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