Wedding Photos of the Week – 14th March 2014

Photos of the Week // Published by Sam, Editor - March 14, 2014

Our weekly roundup of our 3 fave photos of the week, and this week we have 3 very different photos. If you have a photo to submit for next week then find out more and get in touch here.


Photo (above) By Mylo Photography – I love this picture of Dena and Will because he looks so happy. The colours are gorgeous, warm and festive, and the picture has a vintage romance to it that is timeless.  I especially love the light from the setting sun and how it gives the photograph a lovely golden glow.


Photo by Tim Simpson Photography – It was Katie and Richards at Manchester Town Hall. It was the week before Robert Downey and Daniel Radcliffe shot the new Frankenstein movie and the set had just been constructed way down in the bowels of the town hall! Katie was well up for some off the wall shots in the funeral directors.


Photo by Adam Hollingworth Photography – I shot a wedding for a bride named Abbie and on the way back to their wedding car from their bridal shoot in Alexandra park we had to cross the road. The car was parked just in front of a pedestrian crossing and as Abbie, her new husband Piers and their two children walked across the crossing, one after the other, I thought I’d grab a shot as it reminded me of The Beatles’ album cover. They love it and it has since be coined by her friends and family as ‘the Abbie Road shot’!

Wish to to submit a photo for next week? Then find out more and get in touch here.

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