Published by Sam, Editor - October 24, 2012

This week Your Perfect Wedding Photographer asked those behind the camera what tips and advice they would give to bride’s and groom’s who are on a bit of a budget and looking for someone to capture their special day. We have a range of ideas to save money, what to consider when looking and also why you should maximise your budget when it comes to wedding photography.


Your photos will be the only thing left in years to come so please choose your photographer wisely. Do NOT scrimp… you get what you pay for. Always make sure the photographer has FULL insurance. Ask to see a full wedding and not just a few of their best shots

Image-I-Nation Photography

Don’t be surprised to be paying £1000 or more . The photographer may only be there for a few hours but you’re paying for their experience and at the end, some high quality images that will last a lifetime. You wouldn’t buy the cheapest house with a roof falling in over one that’s a bit more expensive and structurally sound. The photographer for your big day is the same. That said some of the cheaper photographers may be just starting out and their prices reflect that. I guess I’m saying don’t use uncle bob who has a nice camera unless you know and trust his work. Most importantly, do your research into several photographers. They all offer different styles.

Libby Clark Photography


My advice would be look at your budget and consider what is really important. The photographs are what will remind you of your day in years to come and are not an area to cut costs. Find someone you love who will capture your day the way you want.

Louise Holgate

I would suggest looking at a photographers packages and seeing if there are things you don’t want. Then after you’ve decided what you do want email him saying you only want such and such and can he quote you a price, and if he then still doesn’t knock you anything off he really is mean, haha. Another quick idea would be to do a services swap, for example I do a lot of free work for my web designer because he’s built and maintained my site for almost nothing, so is there something you can offer us to tempt us down? Just a few ideas there but I wouldn’t do what most people are doing these days and that is asking friends to so it because they have a pretty camera. 9/10 they will not know how to use it and your wedding will suffer because of it. Anyway I’ve said it once and ill say it again! The photography at your wedding lasts a lifetime, does everything else? So why not spend a bit more and get what you want.

Adam Lowndes

My advice for couples on a budget, when looking for a photographer don’t compromise on quality! Some talented photographers offer hourly options so you can get amazing quality perfect for your budget. I for example have a ‘Build Your Own’ wedding package, where you can hire me for only £120 per hour!

Jasmin Chadwick Wedding Photography


Search google images for where you are getting married. It’s easier to find a style of imagery like that than via a list of webpages. You’ll then find a style plus you’ll hopefully find some repetition with images by a certain photographer. Then contact the photographer and work from there. Most photographers will work something out for you and your budget. My most important piece of advice would be…”Never cut back on your photography!” Get a cheaper cake/car/chair covers or maybe lose the fireworks.

 Just Hitched Wedding Photography


My advice to couples on a budget would be whilst I appreciate in hard financial times people look to save money here and there. You shouldn’t try to compromise on photography. Ultimately once the day is gone, and years later when you look back. You’ll have the memories in your head, the rings on your fingers and the pictures on your walls. So never rely on guest photos!! Whilst many people have good cameras these days. Always have someone (even if low budget) allocated to take your pictures, who is NOT part of the wedding party. Your wedding party are there to share your day and be part of it. Your photographer is there to work for you, and to document your day.

Julian Horsley


Thanks to all the wedding photographers tip and advice. If you have some advice or perhaps struggling to find a photographer for your budget then drop us a comment and let us know!

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