15 Stunning Wedding Photographer Websites For Inspiration

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15 Stunning Wedding Photographer Websites For Inspiration

If you have reviewed your website or perhaps reached that stage where it is time for a redesign or rebrand, then we have rounded up some stunning and inspirational wedding photographer websites that will give you plenty of ideas.

Wedding Photographers with Beautiful Websites

Below are a selection of photographer’s websites that have caught our eye, standing out from a usability and design perspective.

Caro Weiss

Modern, stylish, light and white.

Website Design for photographers

A stylish site design that is light with plenty of white space. The framed images on the homepage helps it stand out and gives a light feel to the site.

Samuel Docker

Large imagery and plenty of white space.
Docker Photography Website Design

A custom built WordPress site that beautifully showcases their work, a large image slider on the homepage, lots of white space and an easy to use and clear menu structure. Featuring a homepage personal introduction and photographs of their latest weddings which you can be selected to view more.

Steven Herrschaft

Large imagery and large text.

Photographer Website Design

We love the slightly different design feel to this site which sets it apart from others, large photos but also large engaging text. The strong impactful design reflects the strong photography and style.

Pedro Vilela

Stylish modern design with easy to use navigation and design.

Flothemes wedding photography design

A modern WordPress theme design using Flothemes to create a beautiful site that showcases their work and has easy to ready text blocks giving it a design edge.

Hafenliebe Wedding Photography

Something unique and stylish.

Photography Website Design

A stylish site design with the use of images in a creative magazine style, a clean modern design that is easy to use with strong call to actions throughout.

Kayla Fisher Photography

Stylish design and beautiful imagery.

Kayla Fisher Photography

Another WordPress based site using Flothemes to create a beautiful stylish site to showcase their gorgeous work. A large hero slider on the homepage with stylish blocks and sections for further images and copy. Stylish header font creating personality.

Jacob & Pauline

Light and airy reflecting their own style.
Wedding Photographer Website
This website reflects their photography style perfectly and matches their work through the soft hues, lots of white space make it stylish in design and easy to use. A beautiful slider showing 3 photos each time alongside a stylish video on the homepage gives movement and a dynamic feel to the site. There is also an Instagram feed in the footer showing their latest work and posts.

Terry Li

A fine art wedding photographer with a site to match.
Terry Li Website Design

A clean modern website design that has an engaging image slider on the homepage allowing you to quickly view lots of her work. Plenty of large imagery and white space creating a natural flow throughout the site.  The feel of the site certainly reflects her work and style.

Hannah McClune Photography

Light, airy and pretty.

Hannah McClune Photography

Hannah’s photography style is light, fine art and airy and her website certainly reflects that. It is beautiful, easy to use and read. Everything is beautifully spaced out with lovely use of fonts and her imagery throughout.


Oxi Photography

A stylish website with engaging copy.

We love the large visuals and use of testimonials on the homepage, engaging feedback and introduction from Oxana. Visual links from the homepage click to recent weddings on her site, as well as her blog that has useful posts for couples too.

Albert Palmer Photography

A visual site with lots of large photos that do the talking.

Albert Palmer

Large photos fill the site with impressive visual links allowing users to quickly get to sections such as; about his approach, engagement shoots and real weddings. A colour scheme has been used through out and a useful pricing page clearly and simply shows his starting price and what is included.

ZT Photography

A strong vibrant style reflecting their style of work.

ZT Photography

Photographers ZT Photography have a colourful and bright site that reflects their style of photography, targeted at couples that love a statement. Strong bold photography that really stands out, a real eye catching website.

Emma Lawson

Stylish, different and alternative.

Emma Lawson Websitw

A visual website that is easy to navigate, large clickable images that stand out and make it simple to move around the website. Featured stories on the homepage keep it fresh and engaging and show other shoot Emma does other than just wedding photography.

Diana V Photography

A clean modern website design and beautiful photography.

Photographer Website Designs

A light modern and clean white design that lets the photos stand out. A clear and obvious menu bar with just 6 links making it easy and simple to navigate. The large imagery is the focal point as it should be and the white space and clean design makes it stand out.

Nabis Photographers

Large imagery throughout showcasing their work where possible.

Nabis Photographers

Not just on the homepage but throughout the site on all pages are large photos showing off their work, with a clear menu at the top it is easy to get around and can be viewed in Italian or English.

Victor Lax

A stylish site with beautiful photography.

Victor Lax

A bright website that showcases their beautiful photography with a simple menu and links to their social media accounts in the header and footer. Engaging copy and quotes make it easy to read when scrolling down the pages.

Lyndsey Goddard Photography

A bright and easy to use site design.


Large photos on the homepage with a slider and call to actions, easy access to other parts of the site and an introduction with an about section.

Thinking of reviewing your site or redesigning? Remember to let your photos do the talking, use large hero shots and keep it visual. Ensure your text is easy to read by using short paragraphs and large headings. Inject your personality by considering your colour scheme, fonts, layouts, logo use and quotes.

There are lots of premium wedding photography templates to choose from that can be used with WordPress, make sure you use one that reflect your brand and photography style.

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