The Wedding of Jessica & Eric

// Published by Sam, Editor - March 18, 2015

Today we feature the wedding of Jessica and Eric. They got married on september 19th 2014 and their perfect wedding day captured by Stefan Segers.

About the Day
I started at the home of the couple where Jessica was busy with her preparations. Why she put on her dress and was ready, Eric cam with a cool cabrio Audi A5 together whit their son Joshua. After the first look we gone into the garden for the wedding cake and group shots.

For the photoshoot we went to castle Groeneveld in Baarn. This castle is at a very beautiful estate where we too all the photo’s. When we finished up the shoot we went out to the Thee Garden in Eemnes for the ceremony. This is a romantic location for weddings. The ceremony was very emotional and finished up with champagne.
From here we went to the Hotel van der Valk in Almere where we had diner and reception/party.

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Do tell us a little bit about yourself
My biggest passions are my family and photography. After my own wedding I loved all our photo’s so much that I decided to buy a camera myself and photography as much as I can. I also done the School of Photography and some workshops at professional photographers. I saved some extra money to buy an extra camera and from there I was ready to do my own photoshoots and earn money with it. Since 2008 I do weddings, families and business portraits and do more jobs every year. And still every day I go to sleep with my iPad learning about photography from youtube and weblogs of internations photographers and when I wake up I can try it myself. Since I started up with my job as a photographer I haven’t been so happy and enjoy every minut of it.

How would you describe your photography style?
I try to be the fly on the wall during a wedding so I can get photo’s as natural as possible. But on the moment I want something to happen I pose the couples in a way they don’t even notice that they have been posed at all. For me Lights, Composition and Moments are the most important thing to make a photo and I try to get all three right within one picture.

What did you love about the day?
I loved the atmosphere of the day. The weather was really beautiful and people were very happy. Also the great locations for the shoot were perfect. Also after the wedding I stayed in the hotel and the next morning we had breakfast with the family. That was a really cool thing to witness.

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