Unplugged Weddings: The Parody Video

Tips & Advice // Published by Sam, Editor - October 27, 2016

We rounded up 23 photos that show you why you should have an unplugged wedding, however this recent video posted up on YouTube by SLF weddings sums up and shows you why you should go unplugged, and why you as guests should put the phones down and enjoy the moment, that is what the bride and groom want.

If you are a photographer drop us a comment below on how often you see this and your views on it, also please do share it too.

What are you thoughts on unplugged weddings? Will you be telling your guests to keep their phones turned off and there is no need to bring your camera?

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  1. This brought a big smile to both of our faces – yes we have seen most of this in some form or another.
    Though the worst for us though is when an actual wedding photographer is a guest and starts behaving as if they are the official photographer – now that’s really annoying.
    Thanks for the great video – spot on and fun too.
    If you can tell the Bride and Groom and the registrar / minister beforehand then that can reduce the level of lenses popping up during the service

  2. Ohhh yeah… This is an epic video, sometimes it hard to explain to the guest about this, even though the couple have put the unplug sign in the welcome gate, but some guests still do it. Anyway this video is really make my day, just share it and let everyone know…

  3. The struggle is real.

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