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For Photographers // Published by Sam, Editor - June 22, 2015

Do you remember how it felt to get your first album sale? The excitement of closing the sale and diving into the design is practically tangible. But eventually, you reach the point where it’s time to share the design with the client and get their approval. And that the part can be a real drag, right?

Sending clients a flurry of JPGs seems clumsy, and asking for their feedback on a PDF is a headache waiting to happen. (Let’s be honest, who can accurately decipher the client’s response when it arrives in narrative form anyway?) As you would expect, there are some online tools that promise to help, but ultimately come up short. Then, there’s Banti.


Banti Album Proofing takes the hassle out of album proofing with these great features:

Easy Album Upload
You don’t even have to resize your files for the web, Banti will take care of it for you!

Beautiful Presentation
A clean and modern interface lets your design shine, whether viewed in an animated flip book presentation, or a spread-by-spread layout. Banti looks great on any screen—desktop or mobile!


Integrates Seamlessly with Your Website
Banti is customizable to blend right in with your brand. In addition to changing colors and adding your logo, you can give your clients a consistent experience by proofing your albums on your own domain!

Tagged Commenting
Banti makes 2-way communication with your clients easy! Ever have a client ask you to replace a photo on a spread, without specifying which one they’re talking about? With Banti, clients can click to “tag” their comment directly onto the design so you know exactly what they’re talking about. (No more time wasted on ambiguity!)


Client Communication
Not only does Banti allow you to email your clients from within the app (with customizable template scripts to make communication painless), but you’ll even be notified when those emails are opened, as well as when you have new comments to review, or the client has submitted the album back to you.

Timely Wrap-up and Client Reminders
Ever have a due date pass a client by? Banti helps keep clients on schedule by keeping track of revision rounds and sending due date reminders, helping you get that album approved quickly!


Quit messing around with JPGs or proofing PDFs and give Banti Album Proofing a try (for FREE) today!

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