Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

// Published by Sam, Editor - September 29, 2011

Don’t go for cheap and cheerful…
The results may well be the poor results of false economy:

While you as a future wife will want the best, your future husband will invariably be looking at the coffers – savings do have to be made, but maybe better having the cheaper option for the Wedding Dinner sweet than cutting down on Wedding picture quality. There are many weekend chancers simply covering Weddings for a few extra quid – with no ambition or passion in photography, nor consideration of your results.

It may seem expensive – however you will have, as yet, no knowledge of the hard work and creativity a true pro Wedding photographer injects onto your day of days, and the experience, care and consideration he/she then adds to the results…

The photographer is a bigger part of your day than you may well not realise – pick one to trust, respect and have the confidence with for helping you through the day – and making it as memorable as possible.

Look to speak to the photographer, and see if he/she has passion in their work:

Overselling to you (badgering and bullying) is not only intimidating, but also unprofessional – and points to lack of confidence in his/her skills, and the ‘needy’ wish to divert you away from the service you should really receive.

DON’T book without seeing samples – but allow ‘start-ups’ the benefit of the doubt

The expressions you see in his/her past Weddings give it all away…are the Brides/Grooms unhappy? miserable? wanting it to end? The photographer can drive the mood – and impact on the visual composure…a knowledgeable and practiced photographer will respond well to ‘stage-fright’ – and boost the couples AND guests day by alleviating the nerves, replacing it with a happy, but professional looking day – the results will show in the faces and body language of the samples…be sensitive to this when you see them.

Judge the confidence of the photographer
 He/she will be in a position to help you through the day, make sure they have the bottle to do so

Be aware of the peripheral talk – it’s not just about photographing your day…its knowledge of the routines for the day, and the preparation – does he/she enquire over your church rehearsal? Shows interest in how you met? Your plans for after the Wedding (reviewing proofs). Turnaround for your proofs?
Promises of next day/same week are unrealistic – and not a true reflection on his/her skills…needy?

The general demeanour is a good pointer… choose an energetic, positive and well humoured photographer.

Look for end flexibility…
Can you opt no album to start with, then choose one after

You are employing the photographer – whilst it is usual and mostly advisable for him/her to be as creative as possible, and drive the results, you must be offered choices for the end results…your ideas and wishes will invariably change as the relationship between you and your photographer develops – and following the day/seeing proofs.

What you decide on initially should be recognised by both you and your photographer as not being set in stone…

Listen to word of mouth – many good photographers don’t advertise – they don’t need to

Many photographers respect their clients privacy, and don’t see the need or the morality of showing the world a couples private intimate day…myself included. Take this into consideration – but enquire further for ‘chance’ views.


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