Suzy & Ashley – Vintage Lace & an Orangery

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Suzy & Ashley – Vintage Lace & an Orangery

Today we feature the lovely wedding of Suzy & Ashley and who married at Barton Hall, their special day was captured by Sarah-Jane Roberts of  Daring to Dream Photography.

The Couple
Suzy and Ashley are one of the most relaxed couples I have ever worked with. It seems such a long time ago when I first met them back in 2013. They had ideas of what they wanted out of their photography but at the same time they allowed me to do what I do and it made for a perfect working relationship. They decided they wanted to have their engagement shoot at their venue and Suzy had her eye on the beautiful tree in the grounds, she had planned to be sitting in it for both their engagement and wedding photographs and she did just that.

They met in 2004 and again in 2008, however it was in 2010 they finally became a couple. On their wedding breakfast tables, they had poems detailing how they met and you can see how much they have in common. They really are perfect for each other and any one who ever meets them can see this.

Daring-to-Dream-Photography-000 Daring-to-Dream-Photography-001 Daring-to-Dream-Photography-002 Daring-to-Dream-Photography-003 Daring-to-Dream-Photography-004 Daring-to-Dream-Photography-005 Daring-to-Dream-Photography-006 Daring-to-Dream-Photography-007 Daring-to-Dream-Photography-008

The Day
Barton Hall is a wonderful venue and the orangery where Suzy and Ash were holding their ceremony was absolutely divine. Their wedding day was packed full of amazing details. Suzy had meticulously planned every aspect with Ashley. The theme was vintage with elegant trimmings of lace and pearl, incorporating favourite quotes, details of their relationship as well as treasured photographs of loved ones. I particularly loved the wedding photos of their parents wedding day by Suzy and Ashley’s cake.

When I got there in the morning the enthusiasm was contagious, lots of excited talking and the girls were in great spirits. Suzy was so relaxed and it was lovely to see how excited everyone was. I always feel so honoured to be photographing people’s lives in this way and Suzy’s family and friends made me feel so welcome.

The day was pretty perfect but there was one moment earlier on that I will never forget. I had been taking photographs of Suzy’s dress and details. I was careful to make sure it wasn’t in sight of any windows or photographed anywhere a guest or someone might see it. Once people had started to arrive, I made sure the bridesmaids kept Suzy out of sight of the windows. I had gone to the car park to greet Ashley and as expected he was pretty good, no real nerves showing at that time. We went over a few details, he looked up at the top windows and then quickly shot his eyes to the ground. “Oh god I can’t look, who left her wedding dress in the window?”. It was one of those moments where you know it’s not possible but you hesitate. It was pretty easy to reassure him it wasn’t her dress but it was a fleeting moment that my heart sank and reiterates the importance of being organised and aware of potential hiccups caused by the simplest of actions.

I always love capturing the moment between bride and parents and siblings, especially when they are as close as Suzy’s family. I like to step back at this moment and allow them to just take in the moment together. I thought it was a particularly tender moment when Suzy invited Ashley’s mum into her room just before the ceremony.

The atmosphere in their ceremony was so alive. The sun cascaded down through the glass roof of the orangery creating the perfect light. Ashley had started to show signs of nerves and the bridesmaids faces created multiple stories as they walked emotionally down the aisle. Suzy looked breathtakingly beautiful, you could hear the reactions of their guests as she walked with her dad who was beaming so proudly, down the aisle I knew their ceremony would be filled with emotion especially because Suzy and Ashley wrote their own vows and the particular readings they had chosen. They were a wonderful mix of wit, humour and very descriptive of the love they share. I felt myself choking back a tear when Ashley was saying his vows to Suzy and then he said ” you taught me I can love someone more than myself” and the whole room erupted with laughter.

They ensured every part of their day was accounted for, even down to the games on the lawn and the photo booth in the evening. Their wedding day was seamless, it flowed perfectly from the beginning to the end. We planned all the photographic moments prior to their wedding day (as I do with all my couples) and they dedicated a specific amount of time to their photographs. It’s important to be able to get a good mix of covering the formalities, spending time with your family and friends but also to allow enough time to get the photographs that as a couple you really want.

Daring-to-Dream-Photography-009 Daring-to-Dream-Photography-010 Daring-to-Dream-Photography-011 Daring-to-Dream-Photography-012 Daring-to-Dream-Photography-013 Daring-to-Dream-Photography-014 Daring-to-Dream-Photography-016 Daring-to-Dream-Photography-017 Daring-to-Dream-Photography-018 Daring-to-Dream-Photography-019 Daring-to-Dream-Photography-020

The Photographer
I’m a wedding photographer based in East Midlands with an emphasis on creating fine art imagery for couples to display. I believe that photographs should be printed and displayed so all my packages come with a beautifully custom designed album. I also believe it is important to build a relationship with my clients, it means they are confident and comfortable around me and this is what enables me to get the best images from them on their wedding day.

How would you describe your photography style?
If I had to pick one word I would say my photography style is creative. I’m always looking for the best way to capture something whether it’s posed, formal, lifestyle or documentary. Mostly I capture the day as it unfolds but I understand how important it is to be able to be flexible. When it comes to photographing weddings I’m very particular about details, so I make sure buttons are in place, dresses are smoothed out, your hair is framing your face, not covering it. With groups and formals I am very particular about making sure the group doesn’t look dishevelled and that everyone can be seen. I also love capturing the couple portraits where I can create creative portraits unique to each couple. There are so many different aspects to a wedding day, it’s rare that I would photograph only one part of it, so for me it is important to be able to bring multiple photography styles together in a creative way.

What did you love about the day?
From a photographic perspective it was great Suzy and Ashley had an unplugged ceremony. Photographing the ceremony is so much nicer when you can capture the emotion on the guests faces and it makes for much better photographic memories for them. From a personal note, I love that their wedding was a true reflection on the relationship that they share with each other, their families and their friends. It was a beautiful day. I have some wonderful memories, so I’m pretty certain they have some awesome ones.

You can find out more about the photographer and get in touch about your special day via their profile page here.

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