Sini and Ilari’s Wedding Day

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Sini and Ilari’s Wedding Day

Today we feature the lovely wedding of Sini and Ilari captured by Manchester based wedding photographer Jirina Alanko Wedding Photography.

The couple
Sini and Ilari is one of the sweetest couple I’ve met in my wedding photography career.
Even I couldn’t hold my tear in their big day!

Before their big day we had one meeting. Sini and Ilari were inspiring with all their thoughts about their wedding photography which we carefully planned together.

They both appreciated wedding photography and it really showed!

Please tell us a little bit about the day and how it went
Wedding day was in August in Finland, Helsinki. The day included strong elements like weather which was chancing a lot. Storm was coming closer and closer during we were taking the cliff photo and we got the perfectly dramatic sky just like I was planned (with crossed fingers to get the perfect sky).
It started raining almost straight after our first portrait session. But it was the first and the last rain in whole day. Regardless, It was mostly very sunny and warm late Summer day.
Prevalent atmosphere was tanglible. There were more love, tears of joy, kisses and hugs that I’ve ever seen. Even the grumpiest cat could ever hold tears in that situation! Neither could I.
Everything in their day went perfectly and there were no any bigger mishaps.

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Do tell us a little bit about yourself
I’m a warm-hearted free spirit originally from Finland but based on Manchester at the moment.
Art has always been my main attraction. I draw a lot when I was younger.
As being quite ambitious with every thing I do, I didn’t saw myself getting a triumph and glory with drawing.
That’s why my serious ambitions in photography started at very young age. I realized that it’s the thing I really want to become good at.

I have tried almost everything in photography but portrait photography have been my passion always. I love working with people. My goal is to keep myself updated with new things and sometimes just step out from my comfy zone and try something totally different. Whether is a different area in photography or an odd technic.

I’m truly romantic person and that’s why wedding photography came so naturally along with my portrait photography. I photographed my first wedding gig at the age of 15. I’m still amazed and proud what I did there and then.

How would you describe your photography style?
I like mixing styles but I think that my style is mainly pretty classic with an extra warm-hearted feeling.
I love both very tight close-ups and extremely wide shots. Using bold colors and light is my thing. And also, soft romantic feeling is the best.

I’m quite polymorphous photographer as my style depends on my current commission. I’m up to any kind of crazy and not so crazy ideas.

I do experimentations sometimes for my own art work to see if they are working so I can take them into my wedding photography too.

My latest successful experimental is using a straight flash in portraits. With soap bubbles or smoke effect, of course! It creates really powerful attitude photos. Special effects are one key in my photography at the moment. I would love to take them more into wedding photography.

But in spite of all, I always try to keep my own style and try to update it to be fresher even if there is new trend coming. I’m going to take my wedding photography bit by bit to be more close to visual style of my art work. Not to mention, having even more deeper feelings of love and joy to be tangible through my shots.

You can find out more about Jirina Alanko Wedding Photography and view their profile page where you can get in touch here.

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