The Sheene Mill, Cambridge Wedding

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The Sheene Mill, Cambridge Wedding

We feature this lovely wedding captured by Fairclough Photography, made up of husband and wife duo James and Katie. Below they tell us about them and also the day itself.

We are Katie and James Fairclough, a husband and wife team based in Lytham St. Annes, Lancashire we found each other at the local photographic society. Our approach is relaxed, and we work together as a Mr & Mrs team to create a visual story of a couples special day. On the morning of the wedding, Katie captures all of the goings on with the Bride and the bridal party, whilst James hangs out with the Groom and co. photographing as things happen. We come together to capture the rest of the day as it unfolds.

The couple are called Jim and Tosha and they got married/had their reception at a venue in Cambridge called The Sheene Mill on 21st June 2014.

We asked the Bride a few questions about their day.

How did you  meet?
Jim was the drummer and I was the groupie;-) I saw him drumming in a band.

What were your first impressions of Jim?
I thought he was shy and very polite with good manners. Well raised and very attractive!

Did you know he was ‘the one?’
Never believed in that love at first sight nonsense…until it happened to me! There was just something indescribable and luckily he felt the same.

How did he propose?
He made my favourite dinner and was acting so strange afterwards. Suddenly he whisked me upstairs and got down on one knee. I did wonder why he bought champagne during our tesco shop the day before haha.

How was the planning of the wedding?
Pretty simple as we kept it small and knew exactly what we wanted. I adore party planning and would happily do it as a job. I’m really into little details that mean something to us, such as having all our table flowers in Safia’s baby food jars that I collected throughout the planning.

Do you have any tips for other Brides to be?
Plan your wedding exactly how YOU BOTH want it . You can have whatever takes your fancy. Just remember the most important reason for the wedding and keep that fresh in your mind when talk of cakes and shoes gets too much. You can wear purple and ride in on an elephant. You can wear converse and walk down the aisle to Green Day. Ok, that’s not that that wild. ha

What was your theme? Hmm, Romantic rock n roll.

What made you choose Sheene Mill as your wedding venue?
beautiful location and not too big for our small party. It was also close to where Jim grew up and they could offer us the afternoon tea we wanted.

What was your favourite part of the day?
Oh my goodness. Probably the kiss after we got married and walking down the aisle as husband and wife. And of course the photographs. We have never been photographed together. Jim is mega camera shy but I was so proud of him on the day for being so relaxed and natural. We had a lot of fun and I know he did as well.

Do you have a favourite photograph?
WHAT? I can’t pick one. Oh my goodness. I have some favourites such as the ones when we are arm wrestling and the ones where I am laughing. I love the ones we took over the bridge. The kissing ones. The funny family ones during the speech (one where I am laughing at Lee and his dad is looking at him like he is crazy). That one of Lee making a face. The snail one. Kalila blowing bubbles. Me hugging my son. There are just too many beautiful ones that represent different parts of the day from the venue, the flowers, the table settings, the arrival, etc etc. I love how the sequence of events was captured and I can look back when I’m 80 and still have it as fresh as the day. That is something I cannot thank you both enough for.

The whole day was simply divine and mother nature treated us well; shining that thing called sun down on us for the duration of the day, pretty lucky with it being an outdoor wedding! Their wedding was so quirky and far from what you would call traditional with Jim walking Tosha down the aisle, a teapot for a wedding cake and an afternoon tea for the Wedding Breakfast! It couldn’t have gone better, everything ran smoothly and Tosha and Jim particularly loved the part where they’d just gotten married and we took them off on their own to have some portraits. They loved the fact it gave them time to reflect on ‘oh wow, we’ve just got married!’

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