September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

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September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

We feature 35 stunning wedding photos for our September collection this month. Well done to all, let us know your favourites by leaving a comment below.

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Sunset Love

Photo by Matt Selby photography – Took the B&G into an area I knew would work well for a nice silhouette. Nothing but sky behind them and tree’s above for framing. I kindly asked the 2nd videographer to do a veil toss for me to create some added drama to an already epic sky.

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Warm Summer Days

Photo by Fiona Walsh Photography – I’ve been in love with these trees for some time now, always visualising how I’d love to shoot it. Then I got the chance and couldn’t have asked for more. Trees are incredible, sunsets are incredible, and most of all two people who dedicate their lives to one another.

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Rain drops and Roses

Photo by Sam Cook – A rainy wedding day at Sopley Mill last week!

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection


Photo by Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography – Raw moment captured between gran and granddaughter.

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Richmond Bridge Affairs

Photo by Raphael Carpenter – That was a lovely Wedding Day with couple (Selma & Craig) at The Bingham Hotel/Richmond Bridge/London. Before we went to photo session next to Thames I asked couple to wait for me as it was a bit dark and need to take flash gun. When they sit on bench I realised they looking at the engagement ring. There was no time for posing – captured that moment and it will live forever on my mind.

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Little Orchard Love

Photo by OneLove Pictures – Denise Rimmer – This was taken at the end of a gorgeous day, with the most relaxed couple in the cutest little venue. These two were obviously meant to be, with their little family already created and so much a part of the ceremony(more photos to share!)
We’d already taken so many great couple shots but took a few moments to grab a e few last ones as the sun went down. The light and little orchard settling just compliments this couple and how they were together so much.

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Wedding day feels

Photo by David Glover – This is the moment the groom saw his wife to be on their wedding day, I love the fact he cant contain his love for her and just broke down. It shows real raw emotion.

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Love in an elevator

Photo by Andy Li Photography – Suzanne + Adam had the perfect wedding at The West Mill in Derby…one of my favourite venues. Here’s a quick portrait taken in the lift before they headed back to join the party.

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Rain forecasted for your wedding day? Bring it on!

Photo by Andy Li Photography – Cheryl + David’s wedding at Dewsall Court in Herefordshire was just magical…even the rain in the evening didn’t spoil the fun!

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

A penny for your thoughts

Photo by Autumn Stone Photography – Taken at the bride’s parent’s house. I went outside to take the photo and shot though a bush in the garden, with the curtains hanging at the side of the door, it gave a nice dreamy effect.

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

‘We’ve really done it’

Photo by John Leech Studio – Taken at Shottle Hall in Derbyshire as the couple left the ceremony. Natural light so as not to spoil their moment.

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Eye in the sky

Photo by ER Photography – We love it when our couples are adventurous and want to work with us to create something unique. On Nicola & Chris’s wedding day we noticed a beautiful cornfield that would be perfect for a shot high in the sky and to do that we ask Nicola if she would lie down in a cornfield in her wedding dress. True to form this wonderfully adventurous couple whooped and high-fived and got right down to business to help us create this creative and wonderful memory for them.

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Love in the Corn

Photo by ER Photography – We are so in love with this photo, it captures this couple so perfectly. We added a little drama with the smoke to give the photos a little colour and warmth. Working with our couples to create something unique but still show their personalities is something we pride ourselves in.

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

September skies

Photo by Luisa Raimondi – Elena and Marco got married in a sunny day of September, in the afternoon. It’s not always possibile to have the perfect light, when it’s time for couple posed shooting, during a wedding day; this time …I did it!

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Always the bridesmaid never the Bride

Photo by MrShutterbug Photography – This picture was taken in Stanhill Court, As the Bridesmaid entered the room everyone went quiet, Her outfit was stunning and the smile just said it all.

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

A song of Ice & Fire

Photo by Sam & Louise – Jade & Robs wedding took place around the same time as the Game of Thrones season finale, so I suppose this is a little Game of Thrones inspired! A song of Ice & Fire. He’s cooler than cool, she’s smokin’! No photoshop aside from the colour.

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

love in boat

Photo by Luigi Rota Fotorotastudio – love in boat the beautiful game of light and colors on the lake a view from the boat.

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Let’s do this!

Photo by John Hope Photography – This is the moment Lindsay and Sean saw each other for the first time at the start of their beautiful outdoor ceremony at Hora on the island of Hvar, Croatia.

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

The Last Of The Sun

Photo by J S Coates Wedding Photography – After an amazing day with these two super people, we stole the last 5 minutes of sunlight to get this beautiful image. It was taken at Shustoke Farm Barns in the Midlands just before a fantastic evening of dancing commenced.

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

On a boat

Photo by Flavia Catena Photography – I remember taking this photograph – as all the couple portraits – on a little boat, in Oxford, as a real challenge, because of the limited space and the precarious balance, but it helped my creativity and it made me discover some lovely spots along the river Thames.

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Kissed by the sun

Photo by David Walters Photography – This photo was taken at Hillside golf club in Birkdale, Southport. It had been a beautiful sunny day and we were lucky the sun stayed out for a beautiful sunset!

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

A slight drizzle

Photo by Elizabeth Baker Photography – This was a typical sunshine and showers day, with some great moody skies. We decided to risk a very quick trip to a local beauty spot between the church and the venue. However the weather turned on us and there was a torrential downpour. I couldn’t let the bride get out of the car even, so we opted for this instead, with the very kind camper van driver holding an umbrella over my camera gear! We were soaked, but the moment wasn’t lost!

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

When we grow up…

Photo by Essence Photography – 2 little dotes of flowergirls admiring the aunts stunning gown.

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Sunset in the Lakes

Photo by hayley baxter – Lisa & Grant got married at The Wild Boar, near Lake Windermere.
Lisa had been praying for a gorgeous sunset … and she certainly got one!
We rushed out to capture this just as the sun descended.

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Last of the summer light

Photo by The Last of the Light – Having dodged the rain all day, Fiz and Lee were treated to the most amazing sunset on their wedding day. A befitting end to a beautiful day.

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Jump for Joy

Photo by Aaron Storry Photography – Rachel & Adrian’s wedding was a blast, legitimate outbursts of raw emotion and joy followed by laughter was the pattern and order of the day! When it came onto their portraits they were after something a little different, something which reflected the vibe of their day, something quirky but not cliche.. I noticed this background and immediately got to work on making images which I knew would have them in fits of giggles (it worked)!

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Through the round window.

Photo by Fiona Kelly Photography – Helen & Martyn had their wedding reception at Eltham Palace, the most beautiful venue. While wandering with them for couples photos I spotted the round architectural detail and thought it made the perfect frame for a photo of the bride and groom.

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

The flying groom

Photo by Fiona Kelly Photography – There is a tradition amongst Adam & Sarah’s friends that the groom be thrown as high as possible in the air by his friends once he is a married man. Adam didn’t escape the tradition become a flying groom!

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Dance Floor

Photo by Andrew Billington Photography – I spotted this lovely moment between a couple dancing together. Using the available light in the marquee rather than blasting them with flash meant that I didn’t spoil the gorgeous bubble of love they found themselves in.
I love spending the day finding little moments between people like this – it really adds to my unique coverage of every wedding I attend.

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection


Photo by Samantha Pennini – In the beautiful setting of Tuscany, especially in Lajatico, the birthplace of Andrea Bocelli, two beautiful children walking around the country.

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Roses and kisses

Photo by Sam Gibson Photography – Steph and Andy doing their thing in front of the gorgeous Almonry Barn in Somerset. A quick, simple portrait taken as they were enjoying a moment in the sun alone before going in for dinner in the beautiful fairylit barn.

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Love at Pendennis Castle

Photo by Paul Keppel Photography – After the firing of a 7metre WW2 canon we heading back into Pendennis Castle to find some beautiful window light.

September 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Will & Lilla Evening Portrait

Photo by Will Wareham Photo – This picture of Will & Lilla the bride and groom was taken down at the riverside in Wareham the evening of their wedding at last light. They had country wedding in every sense, a country church ceremony and reception marquee on farm-land, so it made sense on this sunny day to take what nature offered. With flashguns firmly left in the bag, they were photographed until last light, with this portrait silhouette created in very low light, lead on the river bank with the lens wide open.

Katrina and Dave

Photo by Eneka Stewart – Just as we were heading back to the venue from the field, the sky lit up with the most amazing red hot colours. We turned around and walked up to the filed again for a few more portraits. Katrina & Dave were absolute superstars and happy to cease the moment.

Among the clouds

Photo by Kevin Belson Photography – Emily and Andrew walking in the clouds above Wellington Barn in Wiltshire.


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