Rory & Lynda Wedding

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Rory & Lynda Wedding

Today we feature the lovely wedding of Rory and Lynda captured by wedding photographer Insight Photography.

The couple
I met Rory and Lynda a couple of years before they got married and we instantly hit it off. They were very much my kind of couple and when they told me about the plans they were ‘cooking up’ for their big day I was so excited to be involved. Rory has a fantastically dry sense of humour, he is very kind and loves Lynda so much. Lynda is a beautifully selfless individual, she smiles and laughs and loves – they were a real pleasure to work with.

Once of the most exciting things Lynda shared with me was how she was so looking forward to being the bride whose pictures would finally appear on my blog and Facebook Page – she would check in on my regular sneaky peeks leading up to her wedding and would always leave us lovely messages. When she finally was THAT bride – we couldn’t have been happier for her!

The Day
Rory and Lynda were married at Hull City Hall in the beautiful Mortimer Suite with its opulent domed ceiling and moved on to a wedding reception in Hull’s crowning glory of the culinary world – 1884 Dock Street Kitchen in Hull’s Marina/Fruit Market area. Our day started early with a visit to Rory who was happily eating Weetabix in his dressing gown when we arrived! Rory is a great bloke and I have known him through business for some time so I was really chuffed when he asked me to photograph his wedding. He’s a very mild mannered chap and very kind, humble and dead funny in a very dry way – my kind of personality! I knew his wedding day would be an epic occasion. We photographed Rory’s details and helped him get organised as his groomsmen began to arrive and we then set about getting them suited and booted and very sharp they looked. We did our portraits inside using a handy chiffon drape as a great background then headed out on the streets to create an awesome set of groomsmen groupings. I was really pleased with my boys shots for Rory, I found some awesome lines down an alley way and with a bit of light kicked in from our ‘Thunderstruck’ – we were on to a winner!

We left the boys with a few jobs to do as we headed around the corner to hook up with our Bride, Lynda, who was getting ready at the Groom’s Mum and Dad’s house. Once we’d said hello to everyone and figured out where the light was in this traditional Avenues house (narrow but deep with loads of rooms) we set to photographing Lynda’s details. Her gown, shoes and jewellery were just gorgeous – and the veil – THAT VEIL – drop dead stunning and got me excited about what I might be able to do once she was wearing it. As Lynda made her final preps, I photographed the bridesmaids. I love getting to know the bridal party on a wedding day – it helps so much and allows me to ‘get stuff done’ so much easier once I have gained their trust. Lynda’s bridesmaids were so sweet and were a massive help to her on her big day – top marks for them – 10 out of ten! Once Lynda was ready and I saw her in her gown – I was totally blown away and just imagined how Rory would feel when he saw her! Her veil was magnificent and the whole look was so perfectly crafted.


I created some beautiful portraits before bringing Lynda down to see her Dad who was equally blown away when he saw her. We left Lynda with a good amount of time to breathe and get her thoughts together before she needed to leave for her big moment. Hannah and I made our way over to Hull City Hall to get ourselves ready for the ceremony. Rory was busying himself with practicalities when we arrived – I guess his way of dealing with his inevitable nerves that every groom feels in that last 30 minutes before they get hitched. Guests arrived and were shown to the Mortimer Suite as a 3 piece string outfit played lovely classical music for their entertainment. Lynda arrived and made her way up to the wedding venue and right on time she appeared at the aisle and when Rory finally saw her, his jaw literally dropped! Speechless, wordless, breathless – he was truly blown away by his wife to be and the smile on his face was something to remember!

The ceremony was lovely and to share in the intimacy of their connection as they exchanged vows was something very special. So the deal was done and Lynda had officially being Squired! We took care of group shots on the balcony of the City Hall overlooking Queen Victoria Square before leaving to head over to 1884 Dock Street Kitchen for the reception and wedding breakfast. If you’re into food and you’re from the East Riding – you will have undoubtedly heard of ‘1884’ Without doubt, the crowing jewel in the region’s dining scene and an absolutely beautiful place to hold a wedding. Rory and Lynda are regular diners at the restaurant and they couldn’t imagine having their big day anywhere else. 1884 only hosts a couple of weddings a year and Mt and Mrs Squires were 1 of the lucky 2!

Epic is probably the word I would us to describe the food served. I love fine eating myself and this was right up there with some of the best I’d had for a long time. Everything was ‘just so’ – the front of house and kitchen worked elegantly to give our Bride and Groom exactly the experience they had imagined for themselves and their guests. i was really blown away! Only our groom gave a speech and Rory delivered in spades. Once again, he showed how humble he is as he delivered some really beautiful words on behalf of Lynda’s nearest/dearest and made her feel like a million dollars – what a legend!

Evening guests arrived as the DJ st the mood for the party and before we knew it, it was time for cake cut and then outside for a surprise fireworks display fired over the Marina by our good friends The Fireworkers from Driffield. Once the guests had been suitably blown away by the pyrotechnical display, it was back into the restaurant for first dance and the party went on into the early hours.

The Photographer
So I’m a wedding photographer based in a studio about 15 miles outside of Hull in East Yorkshire. I’ve been shooting weddings for couples for the past 10 years and I love every moment of what I do. I began my career working for 3 of Montreal’s best social photographers over in Canada when I was living over there for almost 10 years and learnt very early how important the experience is when taking care of a couple. We shoot around 40 weddings every year but I guarantee my couples will feel that I only ever have them as clients – such is the strength of our service promise. Wedding photography allows us to share our vision with couples on a day in their lives which will undoubtedly be one of their most special – we take this as a great privilege.

How would you describe your photography style?
Our photography style is a blend of most of the current ‘schools’ of wedding photography. We capture moments throughout the day as a photojournalist would breaking news. We capture the details as a still life photographer would. We create gorgeous, natural images of couples who look genuine, confident and ultimately fantastic on their wedding days. We get to know our couples really well before their big day which creates trust, confidence and relationship – this really helps us ‘get under the skin’ of their wedding day to tell a complete story. We are well known for our use of light in our photography and use several different types of lighting to create stunning, dramatic landscapes featuring our couples or intimate moments incorporating architectural details within their venue – we’ve even been known to grab a white bathroom towel to shape light when we’ve left our usual reflector in the car!

What did you love about the day?
We loved simply being with Rory and Lynda who have such a lovely, special kind of connection. Their mutual feelings for each other were gorgeous to capture and we’re really excited to share their images with them when they get back from their honeymoon in Borneo. They chose a really great location for their ceremony and the wedding breakfast was held in one of the best restaurants in the region so we knew we were onto a massive winner.


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