Who said romance was dead! – Dave Allen

Showcase // Published by Sam, Editor - April 25, 2012

I (Dave Allen of Just Hitched Wedding Photography) have known Lorna for a number of years and it was the second time I had the pleasure of meeting Arthur, who is an absolute gent. As you can see, they make an absolutely beautiful couple and who are clearly very much in love with each other. You see young couples that love each other but I feel nothing can touch your heart like seeing the love that is clear by these photographs.

I hope when I’m in my later years that my wife looks upon me as they look upon each other.
So here’s a couple of shots from the pre-wedding shoot with more to come in a few weeks when they get married. Enjoy and feel free to wish Lorna and Arthur all the very best on their wedding day.

Author: Dave Allen of Just Hitched Wedding Photography

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