Photographer Recreates Wedding for Devastated Bride

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Photographer Recreates Wedding for Devastated Bride

Heather the gorgeous bride had everything she wanted and planned for her perfect wedding day, however when the day came and it was time to walk down the aisle the wedding photographer she had hired, had not turned up, with the prospect of no professional wedding photographs she had no choice but to continue and enjoy the day without those all important photos.

She had only met with the photographer just a few weeks before and she had never considered the prospect of her not turning up on the big day.

“Photos are easily the one thing that is most important for the day. I even told my bridesmaid over dinner that the pictures are probably the most important thing for me” the bride told MLive.

The next day professional wedding photographer Dana Gruszynski saw posts about this sad moment on Facebook and knew she had to offer to help out in any way she could. First she got in touch with the newly married couple to offer them a free stylised photo shoot, but that was not all. She then started to track down the bridesmaids, groomsmen and guests, while hunting down and looking at all mobile phone photos from they day that had been uploaded, making note of all the details of the day, from bouquets to the icing on the cake she recreated the whole day down to the tiniest details.

The newly weds arrived thinking for what they thought was their stylised shoot, however they were surprised to see family and guests there and of course the tears started flowing.


“The moment they hit the corner and saw their family and friends, she lost it,” Gruszynski said. “Even Matt was tearing up. You knew it was going to be a special day.”

Once all the tears had been wiped away the couple posed for photographs together and with their family and guests recreating special moments and making up for those professional wedding photography pictures the missed out on.

“I still can’t believe she went through all of this trouble for me. It’s a huge blessing and something I’ll remember forever.” Heather said.


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