Oonagh and Oisín

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Oonagh and Oisín

Today we feature the gorgeous wedding of Oonagh and Oisín who wanted to keep their day relaxed and simple, enjoying the moment with family and friends. The day was captured by Sona, wedding photographer of Inspired By Love.

We spoke to the bride to find out about the day.

So firstly, when and how did you both meet?
We met in late 2007 when we worked together and very soon started seeing more of each other!

What was your vision and inspiration for your wedding day?
Our vision was just to have a day surrounded by family and friends. We tried to keep things simple and have a relaxing day where our guests could sit back and enjoy the event.

How did you decide on the location and venue for your big day?
Oonagh is from West Clare and with beautiful scenery at the doorstep we couldn’t think of anywhere better to be. We got married in the church up the road from where Oonagh grew up and then the combination of scenery, food and service at the Armada Hotel made it an easy decision for the reception.

What was your favourite moment of the day?
It’s hard to pick just one… We both really enjoyed the church ceremony where it felt like we were in our own bubble at the top of the altar. Another stand out moment was when it was time for the music to fade and we ended up in a snug corner of the bar surrounded by our friends having chats into the early hours.

Do you have any tips or advice for other couples planning their wedding day?
Just enjoy every minute of it and try not to over-think the details – the small things you worry about are the things that fade into the background on the day.

Oisin-&-Oonagh-1080 Oisin-&-Oonagh-1089 Oisin-&-Oonagh-1129 Oisin-&-Oonagh-1133 Oisin-&-Oonagh-1144 Oisin-&-Oonagh-1489 Oisin-&-Oonagh-1546 Oisin-&-Oonagh-1560 Oisin-&-Oonagh-1675 Oisin-&-Oonagh-1679 Oisin-&-Oonagh-1801 Oisin-&-Oonagh-1834 Oisin-&-Oonagh-1862 Oisin-&-Oonagh-1870 Oisin-&-Oonagh-1878 Oisin-&-Oonagh-1917 Oisin-&-Oonagh-1986 Oisin-&-Oonagh-2002 Oisin-&-Oonagh-2033 Oisin-&-Oonagh-2041 Oisin-&-Oonagh-2044 Oisin-&-Oonagh-2054 Oisin-&-Oonagh-2063 Oisin-&-Oonagh-2077 Oisin-&-Oonagh-2199 Oisin-&-Oonagh-Film-1004 Oisin-&-Oonagh-Film-1007 Oisin-&-Oonagh-Film-1010 Oisin-&-Oonagh-Film-1013  Oisin-&-Oonagh-Film-1015  Oisin-&-Oonagh-Film-1021 Oisin-&-Oonagh-Film-1026 Oisin-&-Oonagh-Film-1031

If you would like to find out more about the wedding photographer, Inspired By Love, then you can do so on her profile page here.

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