Adam and Emmas Wedding at Oakley Court Hotel

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Adam and Emmas Wedding at Oakley Court Hotel

This weekend we feature the wedding of Emma and Adam who got married back in October of this year at the grand Oakley Court Hotel in Windsor. The day was captured by London based Wedding Photographer Steven Mayatt.

About the day
When I’m shooing a big wedding, I prefer to arrive the day before, scope out the location, speak to people, and spend time with the bride, friends, parents, to get a feel for the group of people you’re shooting for. This also helps to relax them with having you around, particularly at an event that carries so much importance.

As with every wedding, nerves, weather, people in wrong places all have an impact on the proceedings – so being flexible and reactive help you to combat those challenges.

The early part of the day for me is about preparing well, testing camera settings, mixing with people, and trying to stay a step ahead with timings and organisation. After the main events of the ceremony and the wedding breakfast, I’ll steal the couple away to grab some shots around the grounds, generating some images that are unique to the couple – at a time when most of the more stressed parts of the day are done for them and they can start to relax. We got some great results despite the challenges of a lack of light due to the time of year, and general busyness of the location.

DSC_5066 DSC_5077 DSC_7206 DSC_7218 DSC_7238_1

The couple
Adam and Emma, are friends of a couple I shot a wedding for the year before. It’s always satisfying to gain new work through recommendations, and have the opportunity to gain new friends in the process.

What did you love about the day?
The energy and stress of a wedding is something that will both excite and keep you on your toes. As the photographer, you’re always thinking – marrying the environment with the technicalities that allow you to get the best from your kit and matching that to the style of the couple. At the end of the day, the biggest part of a wedding is the people involved – the couple, family and friends, and this group of people (even the staff at the location) were wonderful in being welcoming, supportive and always smiling!

DSC_7400 DSC_7563 DSC_7618 DSC_7625 DSC_7627 DSC_7649 DSC_7655

The Photographer – Steven Mayatt
I’m a Photographer and Creative Director, who’s used to being thrown in to situations, having to think fast and coming up with quick and creative ideas. I love to meet people, travel, and add the benefits of my experience to any shoot. I treat photography as a hobby, despite it being a business, as it helps to keep things fresh and interesting, and that energy can be seen in the way I go about my shoots. It’s really important to me that people enjoy the experience, along with achieving the right results.

Photography style
My style for wedding photography is to do the simple things well – capture the mood and the atmosphere – and then grab some more dramatic angles using interesting lenses, viewpoints and lighting, to make the best of the location. In addition to weddings, I shoot for travel, events, portraits, fashion, products and food. I refuse to specialise as I believe versatility is a benefit – you learn something new on every shoot that you can apply to the next.

If you would like to find out more about Steven and his work, you can do so via his website where you can get in touch about your wedding day.

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