A Luxurious Italian Villa Wedding

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A Luxurious Italian Villa Wedding

I’m excited to share this stunning, and gorgous Luxurious Italian Villa Wedding captured by Jerri of Big Love Wedding & Event Photography.

Do tell us about the couple:
Allan & Karina met on holiday, in fact, it was on the last night when Karina was going home. Karina realised on the flight home how much she likes Allan but didn’t have any of his details. So over the next couple of weeks she and her friends went detective on Facebook until they could track him down, and from what I gather there were a lot of work hours spent on such a task!

Not knowing if Allan felt the same, Karina plucked up the courage to say hi, and the rest, as they say, is history. Well, after Karina met Allan in Sweden and now lives there. They are such a fun-loving, warm, kind couple.

Please tell us a little bit about the day and how it went.
I arrive in Italy a day before the wedding, with my colleague Marco.
This way we could take a look around and get prepared for the big day.
As you could imagine the weather was glorious, and the venue was a luxurious Italian villa, with swimming pool and rooms for guests. The views towards the hills were to die for, it was the most romantic and beautiful places I’ve been to so far for a wedding.

The day ran like a dream, everyone was in good spirits and all were chipping in to help with the set-up for the day. No detail went unturned, it looked perfect.


Do tell us a little bit about yourself
I’ve always been interested in people, ever since I was a child. My mum is an artist, we would spend hours in the art room painting and drawing portraits. The artistic flair carried on into my adult life and I went on to university to gain a 1st in design and tech. This has given me the skills to create beautifully edited portraits and wedding images.

I’ve always been fascinated by colour and shape. I like the thought of finding the extraordinary hidden inside the supposedly ordinary and find that each time I pick up my camera at weddings it takes me on a wonderful visual journey.
I’m interested in the world and people around me and excited by the thought of capturing (a record of) the “moment” – knowing that what I capture will be remembered for years to come and will keep giving joy to all those that see it. These interests combined have led me to work in photography.

I genuinely care about each and every image I take and hope this is clearly demonstrated the love for my work as a photographer.

How would you describe your photography style?
My style is reportage, with a contemporary fine art look. I like the images to feel light, I want them to reach out to you, when you look at them I was the viewer to be smiling.

What did you love about the day?
I love to travel and to be in Italy capturing a beautiful rustic Italian wedding was a dream, the views, the food and the band they had organised were just out of this world. Another one of my favourite parts was the time I spent with Allan and Karina, capturing their couple shots, they just had me in stitches, such a wonderful pair to be around.

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