Lindsay & Andy’s Beautiful Wedding

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Lindsay & Andy’s Beautiful Wedding

This morning we feature the lovely wedding of Lindsay and Andy, captured by Sussex and London based photographer Artomedes Photography.

The Couple
Lindsay and Andy wanted the party of all parties for their New Year’s Eve wedding and for them, it was always more about their families and friends having a fabulous time than about them! Having their nearest and dearest around them to celebrate was really important and seeing everyone enjoying themselves was their number one aim. They’d been together for a long time and had three gorgeous children so they wanted a very relaxed, natural story-telling approach.


The Day
They had an incredible wedding and it all flowed beautifully….. Lindsay and Andy had organised their day in two parts – first was the very simple afternoon ceremony, followed by a big, long relaxed lunch at one of their favourite places with loads of kids running around and people enjoying the time to catch up with each other, eat, drink and be merry. Then came the evening celebrations which were held in a made to measure, exceptionally decorated marquee where they threw the most amazing party. They created such a wonderful atmosphere, paid attention to all the details and then when the day arrived, they just sat back and enjoyed it.


About the Photographer
I’ve been a photographer for about 5-6 years now. My journey with photography started when I found myself at a major crossroad in my life and having left a good job in the city, I really wanted to do something completely different, something creative, the complete opposite to what I’d been doing. And I chose photography. I just picked up a camera and just starting to take photos, with no big aim or intention at that stage. I did a 5-year city & guilds as well as several other courses with various photography schools, after which I was hooked. Photography has been the vehicle into a new life direction for me, and the best decision I’ve ever made. We’re not all born with a camera in our hands and I love that I’ve gotten to explore a completely different side to me – my creativity and how I see the world.

How would you describe your photography style?
In a nutshell, my style is a blend of natural, story-telling documentary coverage with creative portraiture. Most of the day, I’m documenting the wedding and what’s happening with a relaxed and natural style, with an eye for all the details. 10% is about creating beautiful and natural portraits, which I believe every couple should have on their wedding day. With simple story-telling coverage I also try to find creative and artistic ways to frame what I see, always going the extra mile to help, support and put my clients at ease. A wedding day is about my clients, not the photography!

What did you love about the day?
With kids of their own, and close families, they planned a fantastic day for everyone, giving themselves plenty of time to enjoy it. They had a vision of what they and everything was perfect!

Man thanks to Mona for sharing this lovely wedding with us, you can view more of her work, and get in touch with her on her profile page here.

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