Laurian and James – Fredrick’s Hotel and Spa Wedding

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Laurian and James – Fredrick’s Hotel and Spa Wedding

I’m delighted to share the lovely wedding of Laurian and James that took place at the Fredrick’s Hotel and Spa and was captured by Hana Laurie, a South East based Wedding photographer covering Surrey/Hampshire/Berkshire borders area.

Laurian (bride) is someone I’ve known since she was born, I was 9 days old when she arrived and our Mums were in the same NCT group. We were in reasonable touch in our younger days but it’s only through the power of social networking that she got in touch! Her family are so lovely, and it was really special to be there the day she got married. David, her Father, even mentioned it in his speech!

James is a doctor, and Laurian is a Chemistry teacher – they met at Uni where they were both sports mad, Laurian is a lightweight rowing medallist.

The day was almost easy from start to finish, the Pepper household has a gorgeous orangery where the girlies all got ready and the light was so beautiful. It was the 19th December in Maidenhead and it had rained all the week before so the golden sunshine was very welcome indeed! The church in Bisham is right on the Thames which was a lovely nod to Laurian’s rowing past, and they had a ceremony packed out with family and friends.

The reception in Fredrick’s Hotel and Spa was also awesome, Laurian and James decided to surprise their guests by having a “carve your own” scenario and a guest from each table was invited into the kitchen to don a “Blackpeppers” chefs’ hat and apron – it was a real laugh when they all entered the room again and every table really cheered their chef.

There were individual touches everywhere which nodded to their families, professions and hobbies… Just what a perfect wedding day needs!

About Hana Laurie

I’m a wedding photographer in the Surrey/Hampshire/Berkshire borders area and I just love the emotion and fun which you get in a good ol’ wedding. I am a bit sarcastic and a big fan of a joke but I find it means I can really relax with my couples and my guests and I often come away having made genuine friendships which is just a WONDERFUL thing to come out of a job. I’m not afraid to climb a tree or back into a bush/lie down in mud to get a perfect photo… there are always more clothes in the car and that’s what insurance is for – right? I’m not a photographer who hides in the reception with a zoom lens to capture those natural shots, I prefer instead to get my mingle on because that’s where the true facial expressions and stories come from!

I think the best thing about Laurian and James’ wedding was the first half an hour on the dancefloor – they had invited people to join them in their first dance and although a huge amount of people joined in, they soon saw that the really amazing dance was with the Bride and Groom and soon everyone formed a tight circle around them; all of their guests arm in arm supporting their friends. It was actually really special, and the tomfoolery which followed made for some epic partying photos. Ella, Laurian’s younger sister, had managed to keep it together all day too, and just couldn’t do it any longer – proper boohooing and tears of joy whilst dancing really made us laugh.

The whole day was so enjoyable I stayed two hours later than I’d intended to so that we could play with sparklers and lightpainting and off-camera flash. I just couldn’t leave!

Advice for couples

My advice for couples would have to be to like your wedding photographer… Meet them, make them have tea/gin/wine with you for a couple of hours. If it’s awkward or you think they’re totally awful then you’re going to have an awkward time at the wedding – real photographs come from relationships and you need to have a good one with your photographer. They don’t have to be a friend, but if you get on and they make you feel relaxed then they might just be by the end of it. You need to have positive feelings when looking back at your photos, and a photographer who annoys you the tiniest bit is going to produce images (however lovely!) that you will feel ever so slightly annoyed about… Don’t do it!

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