Beautiful Natural Woodland Wedding

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Beautiful Natural Woodland Wedding

This week we go overseas and feature the lovely wedding of Kylie and Paul at the Pines at Genesee, captured by Denver, Colorado based wedding photographer Sara Lynn.

Sara the photographer said “Kylie and Paul met at the gym and have been in love with each other since. They’re wedding was at the Pines at Genesee and was filled with navy, white and silver details. Lace adorned their ceremony area along with baby’s breath, roses and hydrangeas.”

“I had so many favourite moments from their day but I’m in love with their first look. Paul turned around and smiled and then fought to hold back tears. Kylie teared up and of course, I was secretly crying as I captured them taking in the moment. I also loved when Paul interrupted his dad (which officiated the ceremony) and blurted out “Yes” during the ceremony while he was being asked if he would take Kylie as his wife. And finally, Paul pre-recorded himself singing their first dance song. He told Kylie it was him while they were dancing and she immediately started tearing up, smiled and gave Paul the biggest hug and kiss. Everyone was tearing up. See why it was hard to choose my favourite?”

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Other suppliers included:

A big thanks to Sara for sharing this wedding with us, you can get in touch with her and find out more on her site here.

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